Nasarawa: One State, Two Governors


By E. B Yaji

Your Excellency, I put this view to you out of my concern with the manner Nasarawa State is being governed.

Just to remind you that on the 29th day of May 2019, you took the oath of office as the Executive Governor of Nasarawa State, running and holding the state in trust for the people of the state.

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It has become excruciatingly painful to watch and note that since you assumed office, it is elementarily obvious that you are not in charge of what transpires or will transpire in the state.

Your Excellency, It is important that you familiarize yourself with the book, "48 LAWS OF POWER". You may comfort yourself with the false narrative/notion that you are taking your time to study the terrain and eventually take control of affairs. WRONG. Once the horse has bolted out of the stable, it might not be possible to steer it back.

SADLY, people that we see as elders in the state have woefully failed to say anything or have conveniently remained silent either for fear of loosing their means of livelihood or just sheer indifference. This absence of guidance has turned our elders from LEADERS TO DEALERS

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Strong governors have resisted the continuous disrespect exhibited by former governors who have refused to accept that their tenure has expired and refused to allow the new governors run their affairs devoid of any disrespectful intrusion. We are all witnesses to what is happening in Edo and Kano States today.

Your Excellency, Engr Abdullahi A. Sule, you are an Executive Governor, not the MD that you were a few months ago. You got elected to steer the affairs of the state from 29th May 2019- 29th May 2023 and a second tenure if you really want and not to subcontract the mandate. Get a grip. We cannot have 2 governors in the state, power is not shared.

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The former governor can make your job easier by stepping aside and allowing you to run the state. I sympathize with his nostalgia of how he run the affairs of the state as his personal estate/fiefdom and still wallows in that feeling. That era is now history. SAD AS IT MAY BE. I served in his cabinet as a Commissioner so I know what I am writing about.

It is an insult on your mandate for the ex- Governor to refuse to let go and acknowledge the dawn of a new era. International best practice must be brought to bear. I am a British and Nigeria citizen and lived in climes where democracy is allowed to thrive, similarly the Ex gov has shuttled many times to those societies where he owns various interest and understands how those societies operate and thrive. Why do you allow yourself to be so strangulated, Everyone must stay in his LANE.

Yaji Is A Former Commissioner For Commerce and Industries, Nasarawa State

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