Turunku Chiefdom is here to stay, Kogi State Bassa Kwomu backed Nasarawa counterpart


Kogi state Bassa Kwomu has reiterated their support to Bassa Kwomu, their counterpart living in Nasarawa state on the Creation of Turunku chiefdom.

Bassa Kwomu from Kogi state, who was on a solidarity visit to What was described as Office of HRH, the aguma of Bassa Turunku Chiefdom, Toto LGC, Nasarawa State, Nigeria, on Saturday, 27th of July 2019, Headed by the Hon. Paul Maiwada the commissioner of budget and planning kogi state, said that Bassa Kwomu in Kogi state are solidly behind the Turunku chiefdom.

According to press statement Signed, by Jibreel Gimba
S.A. Media and Publicity to the alleged HRH. Dr. David Wodi Tukura, Said, "1. On Saturday morning HRH the Aguma of Bassa Dr David Wodi Tukura received a powerful delegation from Kogi State led by no lesser a person than Honorable Paul Maiwada, the Kogi State Commissioner for Budget and Planning. Accompanying the Honourable Commissioner was Hon. Rai Daniya Member of the Kogi State House of Assembly representing Bassa Constituency.

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"Speaking on behalf of the Delegation, Honourable Maiwada said the purpose of the visit was to demonstrate their wholehearted support for the Aguma and to show that the people of Kogi were one hundred percent behind the Aguma. He also reiterated that the Delegation was here to dissociate the people of Kogi State from a tiny and insignificant number of voices who had been misled into disturbing the peace and joy of the Bassa Nation with misinformation and propaganda regarding the composition of Turunku Chiefdom.

"2. Reaffirming what the distinguished Commissioner said, Honourable Rai Daniya said Turunku Chiefdom was here to stay and that no trouble makers can steal this new found joy of the Bassa people.

"3. Speaking on behalf the Women, Madam Rose Tukura said the joy associated with the Actualization of Tukunku Chiefdom could only have come through the good and wonderful Hand of God. Therefore no agencies of darkness can undermine the Aguma or his God given throne.

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"4. Speaking on behalf of the Youth, Comrade Peter Tukura said the joy of the Bassa Youth knows no bounds with the appointment of HRH Aguma David Tukura. He further said that Ninety- nine point nine percent (99.9.%) of the Bassa people are solidly behind His Highness. That the dissenters are less than point one percent. He said he knows the Aguma is a lion who has been selected to do a lion's work.

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"5. One of the visiting elders Prince Charles Kpongbo, a cousin of the Aguma, said he had always known from when they were still young children that royal blood flowed in the Aguma's veins and that one day he would wear the crown. The Aguma's appointment was therefore part of his destiny and calling on earth.

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"5. The Aguma in his response thanked the Delegation and expressed his deep happiness at receiving the august visitors. He addressed all the thorny issues regarding the struggles of the Bassa people and reiterated his commitment to peace and progress among all Bassas and her neighbours.

"6. This visit is part of a long string of visits from the Bassa people both at home and in the Diaspora. Almost everywhere the Bassa people have applauded the appointment of HRH which has been received as a high watermark in the Bassa peoples struggles to project their identity among the Comity of Nigerian nations.

"7. The Delegation has since returned to Kogi State."

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