Apart from coming from Kaduna State I was born in Zaria and 80% of my entire life I spent it in Zaria I have never seen the shiites being a threat to anybody: why now ? - They always have their processions on the highway in Zaria peacefully - When you see them in their black and red costumes you can get frightened but when you notice one of them controlling traffic your mind always tells you they are peaceful and not a threat-

Sheikh Ibrahim ElZakZaky a first class graduate of Economics from ABU Zaria at many occasions when there is a religious crisis in Zaria his house in Gyellesu Zaria is a place of refuge for many Christian students of ABU ZARIA Kongo campus - So how can such person who helps people of other faith be of any national security threat ?

The most dangerous people in Nigeria today apart from Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen are

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-People who are using government powers to always cause division among Christians and Muslims in Nigeria ;People who can settle herdsmen for killing and romancing Mayetti Allah; People who are always using religion for political gain: people who can dialogue with bandits -People who are nepotic in nature despite the heterogeneous nature of Nigeria- People who claim to have integrity and call peace with their mouths but their hearts are full of wickedness using fake peace to promote their beliefs- Introducing policies like RUGA to promote a religion- People who rigged our elections- Any religious sect like the Sunni Wahabbis who hates Christianity and there aim is to fight Christians using war: government and deception while pretending to be peaceful the sect both Elrufai and Buharig get their inspiration from-

These are the most dangerous people in Nigeria that are causing the gradual disintegration of Nigeria and they are the ones we should get rid of before its too late-

If you respect your own human rights you will support the unconditional release of Sheik Ibrahim El ZakZaky because he is not of any threat - Look at what is happening between Saudi Arabia and Iran today you will understand what is influencing Buharig-

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When you see evil and you say na dem dem that same evil will catch up with you if you refused to speak out -

Azzaman Azzaman

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