Few weeks ago when I wrote an article in which I queried whether the Imo State Commissioner of Police, CP Rabiu Ladodo was more interested in pleasing the governor or fighting crimes, which of course, should be his primary concern, I was guillotined with the pen of the command's spokesperson, and threats were made over what should have been an innocuous enquiry. I knew and still know what I am up against, and I will not be foolish not to know of what is capable of happening. However, I will always ask questions and as well make my opinions known and even lay my fears in the open, no matter how much troubles I am promised.

Last week, I also raised an alarm that the Police and Army should have no business been conscripted into what is obviously a strategic election Committee, passed through as a July Sanitation organizing committee. I called attention to key terms of reference for the Committee which made it obvious that the committee is clearly for political purposes. Let me repeat these terms of reference here;

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1. The committee is mandated to set up the Ihedioha Green Volunteers. This aspect of the committee's work is purely partisan and portrays the committee as raising grassroots campaigners for Ihedioha, maybe, in anticipation of an impending run-off or rerun election in the State. The Commissioner of Police who is supposed to be the Chief law officer of the State has no justification to be in such a committee, but he is actively in it.

2. The committee has the mandate to print and distribute promotional materials for this Cleanup exercise. My argument remains that these promotional materials bear the insignia of a political Party and a politician, therefore, a police officer who is supposed to be non-partisan should not be part of such committee. The Army Brigade Commander also has no business performing such purely partisan duties.

3. The committee also has the mandate to raise funds from private firms and individuals for the July Cleanup exercise. The police Commissioner and the Army commander has no business seeking for sponsorship or dealing with collection of levies from these private business establishments and private contractors as such can expose them to abuse and portray them in bad light before the public.

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For clarity, the Commissioner of Police is not an appointee of the Imo State government, and while he owes the State governor cooperation in the area of fighting crime and other security issues, he does not owe the governor absolute loyalty. It is therefore curious that our obviously peaceable and professional minded CP seems to be desperate to show the governor that he is loyal to him, including making attempts to play to the gallery.

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Even the CSO to the governor could not bring himself to wear party or any political insignia, even though he could be excused if he did, because he is primarily attached to the governor and it's to ensure the governor's personal and family security. But my CP, wore without apologies, the most notorious insignia of the Ihedioha political family. Who says, I shouldn't be afraid? I am afraid, and if you are not afraid, you are either a PDP member or an Ihedioha apologist.

Yesterday, the CP went about both official and social functions, decked out in the political attire of the PDP, with that Ihedioha signature green cap to match. I must confess that my CP looked quite good in that attire, but he cut the image of a politician or even a campaign Chief than a police chief.

Some people may argue, either ignorantly or sycophantingly that the CP's wearing of the green cap doesn't matter, but every single person who is logical knows that it seriously matters. For instance, I will no longer be confident taking any matter involving me and any PDP member or Ihedioha loyalist to the table of my CP. This is because the CP has shown me in no confusing pictures, where his sentiments lie. I cannot be guaranteed of getting justice or even as much as a fair hearing from my CP.

The picture I have of the CP is that of someone who is in my governor's pocket, rather than a police chief, who is passionate to deal with criminals and ensure that the civilian public is protected from harassment either from known criminals or known aggressors wearing the toga of politician.

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My Commissioner of Police has shocked me beyond words. I can't remember any police Commissioner wearing a campaign outfit of any political Party. Even the President's ADC or other policemen attached to other governors have not been seen wearing materials that are clearly associated with a particular political camp. It is obvious I can't get justice from this my CP and it is unfortunate. We now have a PDP police in Imo State, instead of Imo police. What happens to the rest of us who are in APC, AA, APGA, etc.? We are on our own.

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