Hon. Saidu Akawu ~ I don't playc politics for money, I play politics of conviction it's my fundamental right


Hon. Saidu Akawu Salihu, The Kogi Kotonkarfe LGA Political Leader Break Silent And Call For Unity Of Purpose Among Kogi Youths

Been out of network since yesterday. Just want to thank those who have variously commented in defence of my integrity against d malicious outpour on my person by one Bakar Sadiq Mohammed.

I wish to call on all to henceforth ignore him and no further response to his attack on me. On my part, I have cautioned him, and equally gone further to report to his parents. If he chooses to continue in his ill-chosen path, pls ignore him.

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"I will like to however, state as follows:-
1 That in my entire life, I have met Admiral Jubrin Usman twice n on this two occasions it was in forum meeting under the chairmanship of Distinguished Sen Dangana Ocheja with well over 10 members in attendance".

"I have never personally met him one on one and at no time was there any money discussion between me and him let alone to give me 750, 000 naira,
2 GYB purported car gift, may be d car is on it's way. I have never been gifted any car by GYB or any functionary of GYB government".

"I don't play for money, I play politics of conviction and who so ever I support is my choice and it's my fundamental right to so choose, For those who are bitter about my choice in political contest for power, I have no apology especially that this is partisan politics".

" So face your front and get out of my lane".

"In politics any information no matter how useless could be attractive to an opponent especially black hearted ones like the ones we are witnessing in our society today and that is why I have chosen to give this response".

Once again I thank you all.


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