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Allegation 1.

They alleged that executives (delegates) are GYB Appointees.

It shows that those who are aspiring to be Governor on the platform of APC does not even know the executives piloting the Affairs of the party. They were never there during the Congresses. They were busy working with their real party. If not, how will anyone allege that party executives are GYb’s appointees? Can they name a single executive who serves in GYB Government? No party Executive is in the cabinet of the Governor.

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Allegation 2

They claimed that there are factions within the party and that the National Secretariat of the party should not recognize the excos of the party.

This is ludicrous and ridiculous. Congresses were held. The National Secretariat set up Panels to oversee the different levels of Congresses. The Congresses were adjudged free, fair and peaceful. The executives were duly sworn in. The executives recommended Indirect Primary to elect party candidates from the state. Their recommendation was accepted and candidates were nominated by them. Where was the factionalizaion then? The aspirants claiming there are factions within the party in the State are only confirming that they never worked for the party. They don’t know the party.

Allegation 3

GYB is owing salaries.


The Chief Of Staff to the Governor had asked them: Is the allegation of non payment of salaries a condition for Direct Primary? The Governor is owing a few months. He is working with Labour leaders to defray the arrears and that had already started. He knows his responsibilities and will discharge them appropriately. With the approved bailout balance, salary issue will soon become a thing of the past. Next....

Allegation 4

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Direct Primary is more democratic. GYB is afraid of the people.

Who elected the executives that are now the delegates? All party members did. Therefore, Indirect Primary is technically as participatory as Direct Primary. Can those who don’t know a few delegates know thousands of members across the Wards? Truth is timeless.

Allegation 5.
If Bello wins, APC will lose.


Wonderful. The same Bello supported the President and delivered the State to him. The same Bello supported three Senatorial candidates and won two. The third one is on the way as allegation of over-voting rages. Bello supported 9 House of Representatives candidates and delivered 7. PDP won only one that is also being contested at the Tribunal. Bello supported 25 House of Assembly Candidates and delivered all the 25 to to the All Progressives Congress.

Sip a cup of water and follow me out of the shores of Kogi.

Bello went to Ekiti State and stayed for a Week to help the party reclaim the state from the PDP. He campaigned hard from village to village, galvanizing the thousands of Kogi people in that State to vote for APC. APC won Ekiti.

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Bello organized an independent campaign in Ondo State. He was like a colossus. Ondo was delivered to APC. In those places, he confronted PDP incumbent governors in their own states!

He came back home to deliver the House of Representatives rerun election after the death of Hon. Jubril Buba. He delivered to APC. He is a serial winner. The party is aware of this. The party knows he is a committed party man.

Allegation 6.

Bello is violent.

Who is pulling down GYB’s Billboards in Lokoja and some parts of the State? Who is arming youth to be trailing GYB’s supporters?
So GYB is violent and opponents are mounting their billboards in strategic areas?
The Governor abhors violence. He is fighting crime. He will continue to fight crime. Violent people have no place in the Kogi under GYB.

Allegation 7

GYB has not performed. He doesn’t deserve a second term.


*He has built roads and still building roads across the three Senatorial Districts.
*He has constructed 375 Blocks of modern classrooms across the State.
*He has built the second largest Rice Mill in Northern Nigeria.
*He has built hospitals and other infrastructure across the state.
*He has united the people of the state.
*He has made Lokoja saner and cleaner.
*He has revolutionized sports and agriculture.
*He has changed Kogi from the crime capital of Nigeria to the second most peaceful State in Nigeria.

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Yet , those who barely come to the state say he has done nothing. If he did nothing, why did the people of Kogi State massively gave their votes to the APC in the last general elections? The truth is out.

Questions for the detractors.

1. Where were they when we were having our Congresses?
2. Where were they during our campaigns? Even when the President was here, they stayed in Abuja, strategizing for the return of the PDP under which they committed so much fraud.
3. What has been their contribution to the party? What do they know about the party?

Finally, we thank the National Headquarters of our party for rising above board to uphold the constitution of the party.
Kogi will remain an APC State.

God bless my State.
God bless my party.

Fanwo Kingsley
APC Member

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