The Crude deputation for power by Mr Rex Iyekoretin, Vice Chairman Egor local government council .

It is written by those who know, that if you watch your pot of soup on fire, your soup will not burn.

In the hierarchy of arrangement of positions, especially political office spaces, the President, the Governor or the local government Chairman, always comes first in their very local domain where they function.

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Protocol seating or seating etiquette includes placing participants in appropriate seats according to their rank, title or function at ceremonial events. In fact, order based on rank is called precedence. Mistakes regarding precedence are some of the most serious ones for a public office holder and a protocol officer.

Therefore it is good to have an understanding of the basic rules associated with Seating Protocol and official rules.

Accordingly, the host is always seated at the “head of the table,” or in the center of the table.
The second most important person is seated to the right of the co-host
The third most important person is seated to the left of the host and
The fourth most important person is seated to the left of the co-host.
Others are filtered throughout the table.
Once you have understood this principle it is easy to coordinate events and place people appropriately.

This position was very visible when the President of Nigeria went away on vacation and he transmitted a letter to the national house of Assembly to this effect, and the vice President took charge as acting President of Nigeria.

It was noticed that the vice President did not usurped the seat of Mr. President, who was officially away while the vice President, who by law, became the acting president of Nigeria.

The vice president presided on very important national meetings even received foreign diplomats but was never seen doing so, while seated on the very chair of Mr. President nor was it done in the official office space of Mr. President Buhari.

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The same was observed yet again, when the executive governor of Edo state left office for his annual vacation and he also transmitted a letter to this effect to the Edo state house of assembly, which automatically transformed the designation of the deputy governor, to acting governor of Edo state.

It was also observed that, meetings where also held in the office of the acting governor of the state and not in the office of Mr. Governor who was officially away.

Now, let's take a look at what happens at the level of local government matters.

In fact, the observed happenings in Egor local government council by the current vice chairman, Mr. Rex Iyekhoretin make room for serious consign.

I have observed that executive chairman, Egor local government council boss, is a born workaholic. She is the only female elected Council Chairman in Edo State today and the first democratically elected Chairman of Egor LG Counci in history.

She is mostly restless when it comes to bringing new but positive development to her people, while also making provisions to maintaining existing structures for the betterment of the people of Egor in general.

O yes we know, she is very consigned about service delivery to the people of Egor at most minimal cost.

This, explains why she attends to all issues fearlessly and unequivocally .

But a few clashes here and there in dates and time of functions in her itinerary, gives her the obvious options to give her Vice Chairman a chance to represent the council as she is a team player.

However, it is of a noticed surprise, that Mr. Rex, who is not even elected but was selected by some leaders to replace an unfortunate situation where the duly elected Vice chairman painfully had to answer the call of nature, to hold that office. Since his selection into office, Mr Rex has been exhibiting a desperate crass for power at all cost.

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It is so noticeable in many private fora where he openly castigates the person of Hon. Eghe Ogbemudia, but profess he is with her in the open, and pretends to show respect for her and her office.

Crudely noticed , this man wants political power at all cost.

His desperation has indeed become a reoccurring pattern, when he gate crashed on many occasions, when he was never invited to lead. As soon as he sensed the absence of his boss and without clearance, he takes hold of the seat that was reserved for the Chairman unauthorized and presides over the occasion just like that.

Haba... Mr. Rex. Do you know what is called protocol at all or you are pretentiously acting a script ?...

How can you seat on the chairman's seat with an obvious act of usurpation ?

We know you lack what it takes to go through the rudiments of getting elected, but should you not avail yourself to learning what to do and how to do it at the right time?.

Do you know what it takes to be an elected political office holder in the first place?

Am surprised that Chairman of Egor has not noticed that her vice chairman seems to be taking the chairman's seat like he should be the one that is occupying it in the first place.

Maybe the Executive Chairman is just too busy doing her job well, to take notice of the inexperienced Vice Chairman and his infantile political desperation for power at all cost.

I don't wish to hound the Vice Chairman at any point but what is wrong, is wrong.

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At this point, I must blame the people handling the protocol department of the Executive Chairman's office.

They should be in the position to clear the Vice Chairman Mr. Rex Iyekoretin, on what is right and what is forbidden in the terrain of protocol arrangement.

Like the wise men would say, "what you learn, is what you will die with."

The Chairman of Egor local government council , or anybody who is in charge of protocol arrangement should as a matter of urgency constrain the Vice Chairman - Mr Rex Iyekoretin from constantly breaking protocol as it put him in a light of acute desperation and outright insubordination to his Boss, the Council Chairman.

I must say, he may be totally ignorant of the implications of him seating on the official Chairs of the Chairman , who is well protected by law, to be above his designated office.

This law, deprives him the right of seating on the chairman' s assigned seat or him even using the office of the chairman, even at the level of holding brief for the Chairman.

If he so much loves that seat, he should be bold enough to run for the office of Chairman, next time .

Like was said in the old, "he who diligently watches over his pot of soup while it is on fire, will not allow his pot of soup to be burnt".

Mr Rex Iyekoretin must stop this clandestine moves of usurpation against Hon Eghe Ogbemudia in order to encourage cordiality for Teamwork in Egor local government council .

By Aigbosuria Igbineweka.

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