Chief Onoja Seeks Unity Among Kogi Youths And Populace


By Comr Yahaya Idris, Lokoja

The Kogi State Chief of Staff and a leading promoter of Unity and corporate coexistence of Kogi People (EBIGO) Hon. High Chief David Edward Onoja, has called for more unifying factors in Kogi State as election draw closer.

Chief Onoja said the present administration of Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello has laboured so hard for sustaining peace in the State, saying the dark Media campaign is a petty campaign and against the norms of Kogi people which he said cannot stop the will of God.

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Chief Onoja, the Kogi 3 Stars political Juggernaut urge those working against peaceful coexistence of Kogi Unity and development should seize from destroying their future and should be channeled positively, wholly and collectively towards the agitation for Ebira, Igala And Okun (EBIGO) a newly emerged slogan that has already been accepted by all and sundry.

Chief Onoja recalled, in everything a man does it also demand that man must take God along in all of his application of things.

"Therefore in anything man does there should be conscience and with the fear of God ".

He urge those thinking they were destroying what God has built to know that the system of God remain forever and can never be shaken by a mere mortals.

"This is a time the Kogi populace should be thinking about being in Unity to pursue a life time course that will leap forward the State now and its future generation.

He also stated that "The self destruction in Kogi State must stop now and the hatchet must be buried right away". Chief Onoja Stated.


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