Bassa Kwomu Militias ~ we will wipe away Egbura as one wipe a dish and turn it upsidedown



Bassa Kwomu militias has again said that they are going to wipe out all Egbura koto people in the surface of the earth.

The Bassa militias leader Jimba K twin Alhassan said this as he rejoice over the ambushed the bassa kwomu militias ambush Ohiogba of Mozum, HRH King Khalid Bukar, when his is accompanying some of the Egbura people displaced from their communities by bassa Kwomu militias few month ago, as the are retuning to their ancestral home.

Ohiogba of Mozum, HRH King Khalid Bukar was ambushed on the 1st of June when he is accompanying Egbura people displaced from there home by Bassa Kwomu militias in Bassa local government area of Kogi state few months ago by Bassa Kwomu militias.

The returned was made possible following an agreement reach between the two tribe in a joint meeting held in Lokoja between the two tribe leaders and the governor of Kogi state Alhaji Yahaya Bello.

Upon Egbura people returning to their home, they were ambushed by Bassa Kwomu militias, it take the effort of securities personal who also is accompanying the returnees to bring the situations under controls.

In the said ambushed 10 lives was lost.

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Reacting to the development , Jimba K Twin Alhassan said "WE WILL WIPE AWAY EGBURA AS ONE WIPE A DISH AND TURN IT UPSIDEDOWN."


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