Bassa Kwomu accused OHIOGBA OF MOZUM, HRH KHALID BUKAR Of supplying ARMS TO EGBURA Youths IN BIROKO: Egbura koto news:



According to press Briefing yesterday by "bassa cultural youth organisation (bcyo) calls for his immidiate arrest and prosecution"


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Press Briefing:

1. Gentlemen of the press, we welcome you.

2. Today, we are yet again constrained to call for this press conference over an issue that has become part of a dark history that the Ohiogba of Mozum, Khalid Bukar Ali seem determined to achieve in Bassa Local Government.

3. It would be recalled that we have previously and repeatedly maintained that the Ohiogba of Mozum HRH, Khalid Bukar Ali is majorly the architect of the crisis that has bedeviled Bassa Local Government for months unending. While our stand that HRH Khalid Bukar Ali is one of the architects of the crises has been informed by his public utterances and conducts, which have been anything but royal, the event of 30th June, 2019 has now confirmed, beyond any shadow of doubt, that HRH Khalid Bukar Ali is not just one of the architects of the crises, he is indeed the chief sponsor, who taking advantage of his office as a first class chief, goes about supplying weapons to his procured militia that have kept terrorizing Bassa Local Government.

4. It was a rather cool Sunday evening and the inhabitants of Bassa Local Government were up and about their routine lives especially at Oguma, the Headquarters and Sheria, the Commercial nerve center of Bassa Local Government, when the fragile peace that has so far returned to Bassa Local Government was shattered by the commando-style entry of HRH Khalid Bukar Ali into Oguma and Sheria with a retinue of cars and blaring siren all in his quest to supply weapons to his militia stationed at Biroko.

5. The claim of HRH Khalid Bukar Ali is that he went to Biroko to arrange for the return of his people, but curiously, neither the detachment of the Nigerian Army stationed in Bassa, nor the Bassa Divisional Police Officer (DPO), nor the Bassa Local Government Administrator, nor the Aguma of Bassa was made aware of HRH, Khalid Bukar Ali’s intention to go to Biroko or to arrange for the return of his people to Biroko Community.

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6. More baffling is the fact that HRH Khalid Bukar Ali was seen wearing fake military uniform and was in company of persons wearing military uniform of whom, in the circumstances of HRH Khalid Bukar Ali’s fake uniform, we believe the others with him in military uniforms are as well fake soldiers who assisted Khalid Bukar Ibrahim to ship weapons to Biroko from where they have consistently launched attacks on Bassa communities.

7. Even more perplexing is the timing of HRH, Khalid Bukar Ali’s movement to Biroko. According to a certain Zubeiru Izegwa who has often held himself out as the mouth piece of the Egburas especially on social media, HRH, Khalid Bukar Ali was intercepted at Biroko Junction at 7:30pm. It remains a puzzle to us, that HRH, Khalid Bukar Ali elects, of all the hours of the day, to arrange for the return of his people at 7:30pm.

8. We are convinced, that HRH Khalid Bukar Ali opted to adorn himself in a military camouflage to make the movement of weapons easy because he knew that with the current spirited efforts of the government against proliferation of illegal arms, there was no way his militia group will get a supply of the weapons needed to annihilate the peaceful Bassa people.

9. We want the world to know, that sometime in January and February 2019 before the general elections when the attacks, killing, maiming and destruction of the lives and properties of the Bassa people escalated beyond any level that it had ever attained, the attacks were preceded by a visit of the HRH, Khalid Bukar Ali to Oguma purportedly to arrange for a return of his people to Biroko.

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10. We believe, from previous experience, that unless very urgent and practical steps are immediately taken by security agencies, there shall be resumed attacks on Bassa Villages and communities as it happened in the past when HRH Khalid Bukar Ali purported entered Bassa District to arrange for the return of his people. It has become clearer to us now, that when HRH, Khalid Bukar Ali makes reference to his people, it is a reference to the very militia that have routinely and persistently attacked Bassa Communities and whose modus oparandi include abducting and beheading Bassa farmers in their farms.

11. Rather than seek peace as a royal father, HRH Khalid Bukar Ali has transform himself to a harbinger of killings, maiming, abduction, destruction of lives and property and of everything evil.

12. May we repeat it here again, that as critically stakeholders with nowhere else to call home, we stand for peace and we shall not relent in our call for peace, not because of fear, but because we desire the development our land which can only be achieved in peace.

13. We do with gratitude, acknowledge the efforts of the Government, both at the Local Government and State level, to ensure that peace returns to Bassa Local Government, we do however call on the government to take more strident steps against those who have made the sponsorship of crises their pastime, prominent among whom, is HRH, Khalid Bukar Ali, who despite the good gesture extended towards him by the State Government by upgrading him to a chief of the first class status, has rather used his new status to undermine the Government through instigation and sponsorship of crises in Bassa Local Government.

14. We wish to be on record as declaring and proclaiming HRH Khalid Bukar Ali complicit in the atrocities and attacks going on against the Bassa People in Bassa Local Government and as a result, we urge the authorities to undertake a detailed investigation of his activities, especially his to Biroko on 30th June, 2019 as well as all the persons who aided and abetted his said mission.

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15. It is our hope that the Government will not someday realize that they have forborne HRH Khalid Bukar Ali for too long and too late. We believe that now is the time to do the needful with him. The Governor of Zamfara State has deposed traditional Rulers in Zamfara State on security grounds and heavens did not fall, so also, heavens will not fall if and when the Government of Kogi State decides to do the needful to HRH, Khalid Bukar Ali.

16. In concluding this piece, we send our gratitude to the Government of Kogi State, the Army, and the Police for all their promptness and efforts to restore and ensure peace in Bassa Local Government.

17. Particularly, we at this point wish to appreciate the Governor for his prompt intervention and the desire to see that peace is restored in Bassa land. We also want to appreciate the SA on Security, Air Cmdr. Jerry Omadara (rtd), the SA on Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs Engr. Abubakar Ohere, the Army Commandant in charge of Kogi East, the Local Government Administrator and all genuine stakeholders and relevant agencies for their selfless efforts to see that peace return to Bassa land.

18. Gentlemen of the press, we thank you for your time and we hope that the public will be better informed of the happenings in Bassa Local Government as we hope the government take necessary measures with immediate effect.

Thank you.

Long live Kogi State.
Long live Bassa Local Government
Long live Bassa Nation.


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