Nigeria generates foreign currency from crude/petroleum oil.
11 Billion USDollars have been approved by Mohammad Buhari for his fulani herdsmen terrorist brothers to be settled in 11-States in Nigeria and my Edo State is pointed to be one of the State. That is 1 Billion USD for RUGA settlement for fulani herdsmen terrorists in my Edo State?
Who did Buhari give the money to, Edo State Governor - Godwin Obaseki or the APC National Chairman - Adams Oshiomhole!??

So 36 Billion USDollars for the 36-States in a country that presently do not have a functional petroleum refinery even as an Oil Producing Nation???

This RUGA settlement is for which fulani herdsmen?
Are they the foreigners that Buhari said has invaded the country in 2017??

So Buhari want to use 36 Billion USDollars of our foreign currency reserve to settle his foreign fulani brothers in the 36-States of Nigeria???

If the fulani herdsmen are not foreigners, what State of Nigeria are they from? Let their State Government set up their RUGA settlement for them in their State.
Our Edo State land is for Edo people to use for farming and other businesses cum investments, and not for fulani herdsmen terrorist settlement.

What a cow needs is grass and water, the APC/Buhari Government should give our unemployed youths in Edo State just 5 Billion USDollars to plant and trade on grasses to be transported to their States in the north just like they trade in Onions, Tomatoes, Pepper and Vegetables with us (southern people) here in the South.

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And for almost 30 years, they have explored for crude oil in the North (Chad Basin), but to no avail and I hereby advise APC/Buhari Government to channel water through pipeline to the North so that the fulani herdsmen can get water and grass to feed and breed their cows or cattle.

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The planting of grass will be a business for the unemployed youths in the Southern part of the Country Nigeria.

We members of the Benin Solidarity Movement say NO TO RUGA SETTLEMENT FOR FULANI HERDSMEN IN EDO STATE!!!

We shall mobilize our people against this illegality against our people and we hereby call our representatives in the State and National Assemblies to order and to come out to speak against this illegality against our local and failure to do so will make us declare them as ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE!!!


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– Adebayo Shittu, the immediate-past Minister of Communication.

Sign :Curtis Eghosa Ugbo
President :Benin Solidarity Movement (BSM).


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