"I will want COZA and other business centers like it closed down, not because of the unsewn tales of this lady, but because of the many destinies they destroy and the many frauds they perpetrate in the name of God."

There is a danger with taking rape stories seriously, especially, when it affects celebrities. There is a bigger danger with just waving it aside, as if it is nothing or it never happens. The truth is that rape happens, and women also blackmail celebrities with takes of rapes, that never really was a rape.

I have three daughters, who are so beautiful that I know the temptation they will present to quick men, when they grow. I also, know the length I can go to protect them, if they ever come close to been abused by a man or fellow women. What I will not do is to encourage my daughters to avail themselves to be used to blackmail successful men. It is worst than being a rape victim. A woman who allows herself to be used for such is in the class of Portiphah, Delilah and Jezebel, if we look to the Bible for comparable characters.

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I have come to a point in my life, where I consider churchgoing or any form of religiosity as unnecessary and most clergy as fraudulent. It was more than ten years ago when I wrote a book in which I referred to churches as shops and clergymen as manipulative fraudsters who are worst than politicians. A Priest friend, destroyed the manuscript and discouraged me from publishing it.

I don't believe the COZA Chief executive is innocent, but I don't also understand why it is taking the other lady many years after the purported rape to come forward. I do not also understand why it has to be before a camera. To me, blackmail is intended. You may be disappointed that I didn't dance with the crowd. I don't ever do.

If the lady in question, who is married hasn't got anything up her sleeves, she wouldn't choose the medium and time she chose to talk about this. There are pertinent questions we should ask, especially, for those of us who are no longer virgins.

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The quickness of the penetration of a virgin and the time within which the businessman called pastor chose to visit her house is suspect. I can agree that the Pastor is a sexual predator who took advantage of a girl who looked up to her as a father or mentor, but I am almost sure the intercourse at the time it happened was consensual. And I can almost swear that it happened more than once after then.


I know that a lot of sanctimonious and validation seeking men have already declared their support for the lady. This is branding strategy for them. Most of them want to be seen as protectors of women rights and campaigners against rape, but they are worst. Most of them are dangerous predators who are afraid that if they don't side with the lady whose name I am happy not to remember, some of those in her class, wiyh whom they have had dealings in the past might come forward to expose them. They might also be preparing themselves to be sympathized with when those they raped or took advantage of come forward to expose them. I have marked them, and I am not going to sympathize with them when anyone comes forward with such stories against them.

The same way I stood against the #metoo blackmail gang is the same way I am saying, this COZA story is a blackmail. No matter how most of you try to pretend in order to be seen to be whom you are not, you can't be more sympathetic to victims of any form of molestation than myself. But, it is wrong when wicked girls and ladies grip at such takes to try breaking down those they think are successful.

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I will want COZA and other business centers like it closed down, not because of the unsewn tales of this lady, but because of the many destinies they destroy and the many frauds they perpetrate in the name of God. Let people be left free from the chains of deception of these Devilish Pastors. I think people would get to know God better without the encumbrances of these clerical deceptions, exemplified in a character like the COZA Chief Priest.


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