One Nigeria is a crime to humanity, it is a deliberate evil created to destroy Biafrans


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minority tag: A deliberate and crafty method of continuous subjugation/ subversion of the people of the coastal region (NIGER DELTA) by Britain AND Nigeria government

In the quest for total freedom from subjugation, division and penury, it is of great importance to totally eradicate every form of prevarication emanating from the creation of one Nigeria. The hopelessness of Biafrans living down South the coastal areas can well be attributed to the sectional division and well crafted tactics applied by the colonial (British) masters who technically renamed our towns in the South with English names. Anioma (Delta), Igwuocha (Port harcourt, the name of one of the colonial masters) and Escravos a name given to a town in Delta State, meaning slave in Portuguese etcetera. This is done to purposely tamper with the historical and indigenous beauty of our homeland.

While everyone is laden with freewill, yet many do not seem to understand the implications of identity crisis created by the change of indigenous names and what it has cost the Biafran region. Today, with the growing certainty of imposed destruction in the coastal region of Biafra, the government has deceitfully created indigenous crisis within the region with the evil intention of "divide and rule" method.

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To any sane mind, who is a minority; why called a minority in my ancestral home, do I not have equal rights with the assumed majority? Why are they calling me a minority when almost 95% of the mineral resources comes from my region?

The minority as refered to as the South-South region is a crafty work of the Nigerian Islamic State to further cause pandemonium, humanitarian abuse, economic sabotage and destruction of properties in the region. One would ask why did the government not create a minority in the North or in the West.

The 'minority' designed in the coastal region of Biafraland is the handwriting of the Islamic caliphate to cause disorder and manipulate the indigenes of Biafra living in the coastal regions. With this, the Nigerian government has systematically armed/turned the youths against themselves in the tussle for regional control, all in the guise to give them control of their natural resources which has never happened till date. In this regard, the government has applied tactical extermination of the citizens of Biafra in the coastal regions using the army to legalize the genocide and cause more harm and epidemic to the citizens; an example which can be traced to the 1999 ethnic cleansing of Odi community in Bayelsa State which was masterminded by Olusegun Obasanjo the then President of Nigeria.

The Nigerian government on the other hand has tactically criminalized indigenes of Biafra in the coastal region and forcefully demanded that they should accept amnesty as militants instead of the resource control and environmental cleansing promised to them while they carved them as minority. It has become a norm to label youths of Biafra living in the coastal regions militants. This is tactically done to legalize the abduction and killing of the youths which in turn has further tamed the indigenes and imposed fear within the region.

Environmental pollution and health deterioration have become so evident within the region as a result of unsafe mining processes of the natural resources (oil and natural gas) to the detriment of the indigenes while the government of Nigeria keeps a blind eye on the situation of the people. Aquatic life and farm lands have been drastically destroyed as a result of oil spillage to the extent that the occupation of the indigenous people which is fishing and farming is being halted giving rise to economic sabotage of the region.

Using the barrel of the gun, the legalized abduction of the youths and equally, the amnesty which criminalized the citizens to imposed penury. No one, not even their leadership could defend the people against the environmental pollution, health hazards and the economic strangulation deliberately imposed on the region.

Sadly, in a bid to further impose the stench of penury within the region, the natural resources of the people have been deliberately assigned to Northerners and Westerners while the indigenous owners of the resources are made to become pipeline securities.

One Nigeria is a crime to humanity, it is a deliberate evil created to destroy Biafrans. It is time to break the chains of penury and subjugation imposed by Nigeria on Biafrans. Revolution is the only option left and the time is now.
(Femi Fani Kayode)


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