Kebbi state governor Atiku Bagudu refused to confirm Justice Esther Asabe as the state's CJ, because she is Christian


Kebbi state governor Atiku Bagudu have refused to confirm Justice Esther Asabe Kataru as the state's substantive Chief Judge after the state's House of Assembly approved her confirmation from Acting capacity. She was refused confirmation by the governor because she's a Christian. Under Islam, a Christian Chief Justice cannot swear in a Muslim leader. It is Haram and cowering Islam before infidels. It was part of the reasons Justice Onnoghen was disgracefully removed under the cover of corruption, not even only because they are wary of Atiku's possible victory in order to prevent him an infidel from swearing in Buhari.

As acting Chief Judge of the state, Mrs Kataru was manipulated out of the swearing in of Governor Bagudu and replaced by a junior justice Suleiman Ambursa to do the swearing in.

Justice Kataru was a Muslim before she converted to Christianity. Based on that, she's no longer qualified to hold sensitive posts in the state.

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She has now written to the NJC to intervene in her case, which they wrote the governor to do the needful and confirm her. The governor has refused to obey it. She is due to retire in July.

Most times when I hear the lamentations of so called Christians full of ignorance over their ordeal and persecution in the hands of Muslims, I don't get moved nor feel pity.

You will do a post exposing the other side of Islam and Muslims, so called Christians would be the first to invade you with attacks and insults for being a bigot and preaching hate, yet they are the very ones suffering victimization in the hands of Muslims.

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Muslims are implementing an agenda to stifle and wipe off Christianity and other beliefs across the north using dubious state policies. They do everything to prevent construction of churches. As a non Muslim, you would find it hard to belong or gain promotion unless you convert to Islam or fake to be a Muslim. They forcefully kidnap non Muslim young girls, incarcerate them in their emirs or imams houses where they are forcefully converted and raped.

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These are some of the heinous treatments Muslims met out on Christians in the north and they are already extending it to the National level. Yet when you try to point them out to your so called Christians under attack, they would be the first to label you a bigot and preaching division. But they would be the ones to cry the most about their persecution. So called Christians full of ignorance with empty brains without a single knowledge of what Christianity is all about not to talk of understanding the type of environment they are in.

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The case of Justice Esther Asabe Kataru is a minor example of the danger non Muslims face around here. It is coming around fast and will soon envelop us while we play holier than thou.

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