In 2019 election, all close associates with Atiku knew Atiku was not going to win the election. Some people rumoured that Obj was heard to have said that Atiku will lose to Buhari. But the man pushed him forward just for a revenge on the humiliations Atiku made him to go through in 2003 on the road to his second term and the truncation of his 3rd term agenda.
Lets look at all the wrong steps.

√ Atiku did not win the primary with popular votes, he bought all the delegates including the NWC of the party. Documents even emerged that proved Mr. Secondus, the chairman of the party was rewarded with a board membership of INTEL and allotted shares. INTEL is one of Atiku's multi billion Naira company he has been using to rip off Nigeria.
Most of the other contestants left the venue of the event grudgingly and never joined his campaign train. Atiku spent close to N50bn for just that event.

√ The Dubai camping of party stalwarts. This is another event very strange and amazing to all good thinking Nigerians. Atiku sponsored over 400 of his will be foot soldiers and party generals for free feeding and night rests in five start hotel in Dubai enriching the desert warriors to the detriment of our ravaged hospitality business men for close to 30days. Planning what was later nicknamed as Dubai strategies when the plans were falling apart one after the other. Some members confessed they have never enjoyed like that in their life. Obi was not too comfortable with the luxury but he complied.

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√ His campaign strategies were faulty, shoddy and catastrophic. Most of PDP governors did not only refuse to contribute funds, some vehemently refused to attend the rallies. NC zonal campaign was one of the early outings. The people that turned out in Ilorin the home of the campaign director, could be counted in their hundreds. This is where i knew that illusions has set in, in the ambition of Waziri of Adamawa but those milking money from him continue promising him and feeding him with empty hopes. Did you remember that PDP went on campaign holiday or call it strike on the issue of Justice Onnoghen? That was another Dubai strategy hatched. There was an accord with Judiciary to upturn the election if APC win which was obvious at the supreme court, PDP was not worried about vigorous campaign until the billionaire Justice Onnoghen was axed. PDP only visited 19 states out of 36 states of the federation relying more on his Dubai strategies.

√ Media handling and his interviews. Well, i am not an expert in media profession, i can bet you if Atiku had employed me, I would have delivered excellently better. Mr Ologbadihan was a misery of himself, he could not sell Atiku. In most cases he was only biting his teeth. Some experts explained that, it was not his fault. There is an old adage that says, it is always very difficult to sell bad product. The damage Obj did to Atiku was always surfacing from left right and centre. The whole campaign became like defending his image rather than promoting a worthy candidate. Atiku himself was shooting himself on the foot until the last stroke that broke the camel's back came. That was NTA town hall interview by Kadria, tore Atiku to shred and his emptiness was exposed. It was the worst disater i have ever witnessed. His VP was a shadow of himself. His Chinese linage could not help the two of them. I knew PDP was facing serious disaster.

√ Social Media machines. Well Atiku performed better on SM. I cant actually say how much he spent here but i think he spent a fortune. Over 500 groups Atikulated. The bigots who were fighting the president were in the lead. Atiku's popularity gained ground, automatically hate for Buhari became love for Atiku in those camps. The promotion was going on very well. Atikus wrongs were proving right in the camp of haters. There was a thug of war between what was later renamed by Buhari followers as Atikulooter and die hard Buharists. The popularity of Atiku among his SM members was the illusion he took to the election. They did not know that the voters are on the fields waiting to avenge all the insults.

√ American trip. This is the most funny, the most stupid i think group of matured politicians can think about, just like the legendary film of Eddy Murphy " "coming to America" this was the political version, a senseless version. It was estimated to have cost Atiku $1mln to comurflage as Saraki entourage just to pass a night in Trump's hotel in the US to claim sanity in the glare of insanity and open corruption leveled against him. For an African person, this is the worse disgrace to our race, main reason Trump called us shit hole.

√ Much reliance on Marabout. Those who know how to quote Obasanjo well from his book " my watch" will attest to this point. It was rumoured in some quarters that even witches and wizards got their shares in this wantom waste of money chasing to be president of Nigeria. Some pastors and one particular sheikh got their dollars very early before the campaign began in frivolous settlement of the feud between Obj and Atiku .

√ Reliance on hacking and bribery. Nearly all the entire INEC staff was bugged by PDP before 16 Feb 2019. 4 hours to the election, result sheet of Atiku's win of yet to be conducted was ready and known to some SM and some media houses bought over by Atiku . A colleague of mine who got Atikulated told me on the 15th of February in the Office that they have taken over every where and that Atiku will be declared winner. It could have been so but thank God to intelligence and quick reaction by the ruling party who was riding only on Mr integrity. INEC postponed the election they redeployed the moles planted by Atiku and change all the strategies. That was the last defeat on Dubai strategy that was hatched and buried at the dying minute.

√ INEC back end server. Election was held on 23rd of February. We started receiving the results from the polling units across the country. We were all at alert, collating and recording started of course not without mischiefs from Atikulooteers who knew they were losing in the usual Buhari strong holds. Many PDP strong members were losing in their poling units Atiku lost in his polling unit as well as in Jeddah his birth place and finally when the result was declared Buhari won the election with wide margin with much jubilation from the majority areas except in the SS and SE. It took Atiku almost 3-4weeks to come out with his forged result from a certain fictitious server know to him and his cohorts. With all indications, his lawyers knew that the man love gambling, they also know that electronic transmission did not take place and it is even illegal but they must take their own share of the money.
Atiku is now nicknamed as sea never dry. You too may think of what to tell him so as to make your own money.


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