Please go back home and work. Leave Abuja. You are not the Minister of FCT Audu Son Tell Bello


Late Abubakar Audu son, who also is one of the governor aspirant of Kogi state has react to the entourage of kogi traditional rulers to Abuja to present BELLO to president Muhammad Buhari as their anointed candidate.
Audu son said, the they all had no business seeking support of President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa.

He said "That was not necessary. We do not believe that the traditional rulers who were at the Villa on Wednesday are representatives of our people or Kogi state. That is the truth and we have to be honest with ourselves."

“These rulers are setting a very bad example. These rulers are showing us that their pockets are more important than their people. Kogi is a state where civil servants are committing suicide. People are putting ropes round their necks and dying,"

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“Please go back home and work. Leave Abuja. You are not the Minister of FCT. You are the Governor of Kogi state. Face Kogi and work. The road from here to Kogi is an eyesore and the excuse they give is that it is a federal road. Kogi is today the dirtiest state in the country. If you cannot work, just leave and we will accept you. We are not after anyone. Kogi is at a tipping point. We must not lose Kogi state. We must put our best foot forward. We are ready to forgive the governor and carry him along because he is our constituent but he can no longer be governor because he is ill-prepared,”.

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