Gov. Yahaya Bello Is also been owed salaries like Kogi workers - Olu claimed


Kogi Sate commissioner of Information has said that, Governor Yahaya Bello, has not received his salaries, saying both the governor and the kogi workers are owed.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu. Kogi State commissioner for information, Hon Mohammed Awwal, in an exclusive chat with Nigerian NewsDirect said Ambode’s treatment can only happen in Lagos where there is godfather in control but not in Kogi State where there is nothing like godfatherism

“Godfatherism has died in Kogi State long time ago, in Kogi State, we don’t have godfathers that can dictate to the people” Awwal said. “In Kogi here, the governors have his foot soldiers all over the State and we will secure the party’s ticket” The Commissioner insisted that that Governor Yahaya Bello is the best candidate in APC that can win election for now.

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“All the noise about non-performance on the social media are from the people who are not on ground. The governor met a problem and he is solving all those issues. He has met the infrastructural needs of the people and on salary, he is paying and when the next tranche of bail-out funds come out, he will surely pay” the commissioner added.

On the issue of the salary, the Commissioner said the governor is on the same page with the workers in the State, Awwal said, ”It may interest you that majority of the civil servants in the state are members of APC, they know the condition in which the governor met the state and what he is doing to solve the problem”

Even in Igala land where we have the stiffest opposition, the governor completed the electricity project to the village of Ibro (former governor Ibrahim Idris), he could not do that when he was in power. We also constructed theroad to the village of Idris Wada, he could not also construct the road when he was in power, so the governors have people behind him” he boasted

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