Two missing girls found trekking from Benin to warri


Two girls at age of 7 and 5 years,are presently Ugbekun police station Benin city, yet to locate their families. The little girls were found by comrade David Ehiarinmwian (A.K.A) 2pac, while on their way trekking From Benin to Isoko warri.

According 2pac, the little girls said their mother is living at isoko warri, they said their mother brought them to come and stay with their father which is staying in Benin, but their father is not treating them well, so they waited when their father left for work, the two little girls escape, saying they want to trek to Isoko to meet their mother who is living their.

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Read the full story from comrade David Ehiarinmwian (A.K.A) 2pac;

My name’s are comrade David Ehiarinmwian (A.K.A) 2pac. I am the former youth chairman of EVBUARHUE community...
Pls Efe and crew I found two children who lost their way, two girls at age of 7 and 5 years, I saw them trekking along the road at Ulegun community upper sakponba road after Idogbo Byepass when I was driving to my community Evbuarhue,
So after some time when I got to Evbuarhue by Orhionmwon bridge again I saw this same two children trekking down the hill along the road immediately I remember that this was the same children I saw at Ulegun still trekking, so I ask one of my boys to call them for me, to my greatest surprise when I ask them where re they going to they said that they are going to Isoko in delta state to meet with their mother who is from Isoko and also lives there, when I question them further I found out that their mother brought them to their father in Benin city to live with him, is like the said father was not caring for the kids, so that faithful Saturday morning last week after their father have gone to work they ran away from the house to go and meet their mother who lives in Isoko delta state and the two kids started trekking to Isoko, then I took the children they told me that they have not eaten since the previous day, so I have to quickly buy them food and ice cream 🍦, then I took them in my car back to Benin city in order to go and locate their father, they told me that their father’s name is Victor and he is a bricklayer, I drive all through upper sakponba to 3rd junction I turn to Eweka back to upper sakponba again they couldn’t know the house where their father lives, then I took them to Ugbekun police station since that on Saturday, I went to Ugbekun police station today to check on them the police officers told me that they have not been able to locate any members of their family and I also bought them food and ice cream today and the police have also tried in feeding them since on Saturday.
Pls oga Efe and crew make una help me put am on air today so that the ministry of women affair Edo state and delta state government and any other agency that is in charge to come to the rescue of this kids pls and reunite them back with their family ,presently they are at Ugbekun police station
This re my numbers:::::
08151004317 or 09076087064
Thanks for your understanding and God go bless una for the good work wey una dey do for Edo state.

Please as you read this post, if you have idea of were about of this little girls families drop your comment on this post, so that we can contact comrade David Ehiarinmwian (A.K.A) 2pac.

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