Shaba/wambai: Magistrate court Wuse zone 2 Abuja,15/June/2019.



Counsel to hon Shaba Ibrahim present a witness called SHUAIBU Muhammed from Nzo village of kogi LGA.
The witness apply for the removal of paragraph 6 and 8 that the statement is incomplete as for the time of filing the case
Counsel to INEC you have two voting point in your polling unit and how many agent are there the answer is with my lawyer.
Counsel to INEC is there anybody accredited in your polling unit and refuse to vote the answer is no and voted.
Is it proper that the number credited voter the same with number of voter cast the answer is yes.Counsel to APC do you still stand by your witnesse statement apart from 1and 2.
Did you struggle with INEC official the answer is no
Where you accredited the answer is yes and the smart card reader was use to accredited you the answer is yes and how many result was announced in your polling unit answer is one and who won the election? Is APC.

Wudi Steven from kpotuku Adabo village.On the 16 March 2019 you submitted a witness statement confirm the answer is and what do want the court to do? the answer is I want the court to remove paragraph 6and 8 bcus of religious beliefs.Counsel to INEC did you call attention of INEC official for over voting and what is their response the answer is yes.Did you have the actual figure of the result? the answer is no but with my lawyer.
In your agent tage your name is not on the agent tage and party logo the answer is no.Did you sign the result? The answer is yes bcus I if didn't sign the copy will not be given to me.Counsel to APC on the day of election voter register was used? the answer is yes.Did anyone voted without acrredited? the answer is no and Where you giving a pin copy of the result? answer is yes.

Hussain Abdullrahaman from osuku What do you want the court to do with your statement of aoth? Answer i want the court to remove paragraph 6and 8 because is incompletely complete incorrect.Counsel to INEC what was the truth number of acrredited voter the answer is I can't remember but in my statement.
When counting the vote, what was the actual figure? the answer is I can't remember but is in my statement and is there any invalid vote the answer is I can't remember but is in my statement.
Counsel to Wambai by paragraph 11 of your statement did you complained of
over voting and do you have any documents? The answer is no.
Counsel to APC in the day of election voter register where used for accreditations? the answer is yes,
Is there any body that voted without going through the accreditations process? the answer is no.Do you have the number of PVC collected the answer is I can't remember.

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Yakub yunsa chado from Akagi village.
What role do you play during election? The answer is unofficial agent.In paragraph 30 to 42 of your witnesses statement you made references to some polling unit result contain in Lokoja and kogi Kotonkarfe LGA transversing in subject to your complained for over voting? The answer is yes. Counsel to Inec pls tell the court the meaning of under and over voting the answer is you know it to yourself.
While the election is on where you in your polling unit the answer is yes.
Where do you get the report of ballotsbox snatcher the answer is from situation room and party agent.
Tell the court the polling unit, where there is irregularity in result figure? the answer is I got it from collection center.
The column under acreditation is is empty is it true that there is no acredited voter? the answer is that acreditation is done using smart card reader.
Counsel to Wambai what is your highest qualification the answer is accountancy,
Can you tell us the actual figure of vote PDP got? The answer is no.
We have 176 polling in Lokoja-Kotonkarfe how polling where affected the answer is I can't remember.Unit no 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 which polling affected the answer is no and You complain of over voting,can you give the figure to who benefits the vote the answer is in my statement.
Counsel to APC are you a word or national agent the answer is unofficial agent.All the report given to you is from third party the answer is it was given to me by my party agent and I confirm it from INEC research base on the order of the court.
In paragraph 21 the polling unit okpa, the election that was head on the same time and each polling have one result each the answer is yes.
Page 136 there is galili polling unit,you said vote was deducted on the basis of smart card and register votecard the answer is yes.Do you want both deducted the answer is I leave the answer to court .
The case is Adjoined to 28/June 2019.

By Mh'od Oseze from Kotonkarfe

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