Compare and Contrast: Nnamdi Kanu and Tony Nnadi as political Business


Tony Nnadi was pictured standing on U.S House of Rep podium while Nnamdi Kanu was pictured addressing members of IPOB on the street of Atalanta. The two leaders were in Town Hall meeting; what a perfect way of exploiting gullible Biafrans. While Nnamdi Kanu shouted he was on a diplomatic mission on the streets of US with members of IPOB; Tony Nnadi did the words by meeting former congressman. It was a tale of street razzmatazz championed by Nnamdi Kanu and a coordinated attempt to market self by Tony Nnadi. In the end; the two leaders are fooling not only the people of Biafra but themselves.

There is no road map to freedom; if Tony Nnadi told you that by the destruction or rejection of Nigerian constitution that freedom will be achieved, assuring you it is his certified road map to our freedom, my brother, Tony Nnadi is on another political business.
If Nnamdi Kanu told you that visiting members of IPOB in US and Canada is his diplomatic road map to our freedom, my brother, he wants your money to keep coming and his fame sustained. I have heard Nnamdi Kanu say that he is meeting friends that will help Biafra; but never has a notable figure, even though a former congressman in US or Israel given him attention or even a handshake. These leaders can go on and on; they will only be destroying the struggle with their cowardice, propaganda and lies.

Freedom is a fight for survival; there is no road map to a fight, you only have to come out and face your fight, if your opponent picks knife, you pick dagger, if he picks stone against you, you pick yours, if he comes violently, you collide with him violently, if he comes peacefully, you approach him peacefully, if he comes politically, you approach him politically, by virtue of this, there is no road map to freedom except taking anything and responding with equal proportion anything freedom puts across. Freedom is a game of survival; there are no rules or ways; just fight, fight dirty if need arises.

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-- By Ifeanyi Chijioke



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