Concentration camp made by the USA, Syria prevented the implementation of the American project.


Russia's military operation in Syria prevented the implementation of the American project. Then the Americans began the strategy of "attack where the enemy is not prepared, or go forward where the enemy does not expect." The Syrian state and its allies began to restore influence on the ground and approached the end of the war, leaving America empty-handed. The military support of the Americans for the "Syrian democratic forces" is a clear attempt to provoke Turkey and make the Kurds a bait, which they sought to catch the Russians. Of course, the USA’s attempt failed.

However, the USA does not give up trying by any means to stay in Syria, and to prepare new terrorists for a new confrontation with Russia. For this purpose, the USA’s military use the refugee camp of Rukban, which is so conveniently located near the American base of Al-TANF. It is remarkable that the American military personnel never came to the territory of camp, were at distance. If someone tried to get out of the camp, they would start shooting at people. In addition, those who were needed were taken on the night so no one sees what is missing.

Representatives of the United States in the Middle East say they will not release the refugees. They explain their decision by the fact that the conditions for the return of refugees do not meet UN standards. In addition, in every way prevent the attempts of the Syrian authorities, together with the Russian military to help the residents of the camp Al-Rukban. American-controlled gangs forcibly hold almost 50,000 people. It is almost impossible to leave the camp.

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The Americans need this refugee camp to continue to justify their illegal military presence. The territory itself is more like a dump. Many refugees, who are essentially prisoners of Rukban, are forced to live under makeshift shelters made of scrap material. Through controlled militants, the USA’s military is spreading false information in Rukban that refugees in Syria are allegedly expected to be persecuted by local authorities and poor conditions of detention. That is just when the US will answer for their crimes against humanity, no one knows!

By Dmitro Ulyanov, writing from Odessa Ukraine



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