14 of June Tribunal; yesterday hearing between Shaba and Wambai



As it been rescheduled today 14 June 2019 for continuination of the case hon Shaba Ibrahim petitioning the honourable member of Representatives, Alhaji Abdullkarim Usman ISAH Wambai representing LOKOJA/Kotonkarfe federal constituency.

The hearing and cross examination of the petition case in the tribunal started exactly 10:11am where counsel to Hon Shaba Ibrahim present witnesses to depend the aoth statement submitted to court as an exhibits.
The witnesses where all cross examined by the first correspondence ( Counsel to INEC),
Second correspondence (counsel to Wambai)
And third correspondence ( counsel to APC) and during the cross examination here are their dramatic responses

Abdullrahaman Muhammed Tenimu from Lokoja he apply to judge for the removal of paragraphy 6 and 8 that it was a mistake when filing the case.

shaba Muhammed from Adam street Lokoja Lokoja LGA.
Can you please adopt the exhibits, the answer is can't read and did you paid money to register your exhibits the answer is SHISHI l.e he don't pay,What is total number of vote register in your polling unit the answer is I don't know,
How many political party participated during the election and who was declared winner the answer is I can't remember.
Kolo Umar from Abugi presented voter card without name and picture as an evident what a shameful art,
Counsel to INEC did your party submitted your name to Inec the answer is no and what is the actual figure register and total vote casted the answer is my lawyer give me the number.
Abdullkadri Ahamed from KAYINKO village Lokoja LGA,Counsel to to INEC at what figure did you disagree that the election is inconsistent the answer is after the Inec announced the result.
Counsel to Wambai did you sign the result,the answer is yes.
Did you have any documents from INEC staff the answer is yes.
By paragraph 7 of your statement oath is clear that the total number of vote casted is less than the vote register and why did you disagree? The answer is my lawyer tell.
Also is your lawyer in your polling unit ? The answer is no.
Saidu oyezi Muhammed from Ijihuohonoh,
Counsel to INEC did you have any result asides what was announced in your polling unit? the answer is I can't remember.
Is the petitioner in the same polling units with you ? the answer is no.
The case is Adjoined to tomorrow due fabricating responses.

As presented by M'hod Oseze

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