Lagos Gov. Approved 100% Increments of LASTM official salaries


Lagos State Governor has approved 100 percent increments of salaries of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority officials.

The State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu announced the increase when he visited the LASTMA headquarters at Oshodi, Lagos.

Sanwo-Olu like wise pledge that the increase would begin from the end of July 2019, he also added that LASTMA officials would be entitled to free medical treatment.

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He said “From the end of next month, we are going to double your allowance, from the end of next month. If you are earning N5,000 allowance, we are going to double it for you.

“It is Lagos State tax payer’s money we are going to be giving to all of you so the citizens are going to be expecting a new, reformed and more civil LASTMA officers.”

“Any LASTMA official that is on duty and has reported one form of illness or the other should be treated free of charge.”

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He applauded the officials for their service to ensure a free flow of traffic and traffic management in the state.

The governor also reassure the people of Lagos of his promise to rehabilitate bad roads in the state while insisting the government would not take it likely with traffic offenders.

He charged the officials not to allow any offender go without paying fine saying, "if the person says he knows the governor, tell him to call the governor to pay the money for the offence.”

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Sanwo-Olu tell them to be civil when engaging road users.

He said “They (people) want a LASTMA officer that shows civility. Courtesy demands courtesy if you are going to even arrest or apprehend somebody, be courteous and respectful to them,”.

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