Kogi Guber; Don't Accept Any Belated Apology,Group Warns Faleke,Tinubu


Kogi Patriotic Group (KPG),has described as an afterthought,pretentious and needless the plea for forgiveness by Kogi governor,Yahaya Bello to James Faleke and by extension APC national leader,Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu

A statement issued by the media aide of the Group,Abdul Abdul reminded the two top party echelon to disregard last minute fence mending arrangement by kogi governor,saying anything short of that,will be anti people

The group reminded the top notchers of the party, aside the embarrassment of their personality in the last three years and how the governor had reverted the people of the state to mere beggars and paupers,at the altar of hard work and dedication to duty without workers salaries and pensions

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He said the poor leadership qualities of kogi governor, has turned him to all round visitor to top party echelon within and outside the country, to beg for ticket to return to kogi government house at all means possible

He warned the two party leaders to jettison all overture directly or indirectly to influence the party's decision of its choice of candidate for next Kogi Guber election in November,saying Governor Yahaya Bello's tenure is already an aberration to the people of the state

Abdul said the governor and his cohorts had perfected all arrangements to muzzle,eliminate critical components who are against his re-election through all means possible,saying his latest move is just to fulifill all righteousness for public judgment,appealing to the leaders to play safe so as not to allow kogi experience mini war at this point in time

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"A governor who believed in application of force and intimidation using all means possible to achieve political victory,does not possess the qualities of good leadership and followership"

"They have concluded arrangement to gag all critical components of electoral umpire,security agents and other extra means possible to perpetrate their evil acts in governance of the state"

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"A government and its agents whose trademark is assault,insults without reservations and remorse does not deserve a second coming in the history of the state"

"The current leadership in the state will ground the socio- economic and political development of the state under the pretext of lies and deciets,yet justifying its actions and decisions " He said

By Austin Okai writings From Kogi

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