Do you expect me to be excited over this delayed justice?


The Independent National Electoral Commission should be registered as a political Party or an affiliate of a political Party. At no time has the commission exhibited more partisanship than in the case of Owelle Rochas Okorocha's Certificate of Return.

Owelle won his election clearly and fairly, but a clearly compromised Returning Officer who must have been acting under instructions decided to taint his victory with an allegation. As an umpire, INEC would have conducted an investigation to confirm the veracity of such allegation, but they became the law unto themselves, obviously acting under instructions, too. They took a decision that has never been taken before in the political history of Nigeria, by seizing his Certificate of Return.

Owelle was put through the inconveniences of having to approach a Federal High Court to enforce his rights and address this injustice by INEC, and the incorruptible Justice Okon Abang declared INEC's action as ultra vires and ordered them to issue the Ogboko born billionaire philanthropist with his Certificate of Return, immediately.

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The same INEC which could issue people with questionable victories their certificates even at 6AM tactically delayed issuing this Certificate to His Excellency from Friday when the judgement was given, till after the Senate had been inaugurated and the election of both the Senate President and his Deputy concluded.

It has been clear from the onset that there are highly placed individuals who are jittery over Owelle's capacity for negotiation, and these people seemingly took a decision to stop Owelle from participating in the leadership contest at the Senate, by illegally withholding his Certificate of Return.

If there is anything to be excited about in all this, it can only be the fact that at last, and against the wishes of some enemies of the people, Owelle Rochas Okorocha has finally been issued with his Certificate of Return, and he will be sworn in as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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It is for that singular reason that I congratulate the entire Igbo nation and Nigerians of good and noble persuasions over this victory over forces of repression.


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