Chinedu Offor was Never the speaker of Imo State House of Assembly


I think we should start off by laying some records on the table, to wit; the eligibility of titles taken up by some individuals in the dying days of their tenure as legislators in the Imo State House Assembly. It has to be stated that Chinedu Offor, Chika Madumere and every other person claiming to have served as a principal officer of the 8th Assembly in Imo State after May 28th, are impostors and every action or proclamation made by them after the resignation of Rt. Hon. Acho Ihim are null and void. By the standing rules of the Imo State House of Assembly, Chinedu Offor's purported Speakership is an affront on the order books of the House and neither himself nor Chika Madumere will be recognized anywhere as former Speaker or Deputy Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly. But, who really is Chinedu Offor and how did he come about his present political status?

When Chinedu Offor, a languid journalist, whose pen had ran dry, and stomach was at war with his head, entered Owerri the Imo State capital sometime before the 2011 general elections, it was in desperation to get himself hooked to political power, somehow or anyhow. Allegedly, his first port of call was the government in power at the time, the Ikedi Ohakim administration. He allegedly linked up with the Ohakims through his kinsman, a very dear friend and senior brother, to me.

Offor allegedly came with something filthy and false, which he allegedly proposed could be planted in the media to whittle down the towering popularity of then APGA governorship candidate, Owelle Rochas Okorocha. He was rebuffed by the Ohakims. Forlorn and not knowing where next to go, he ran into one of Owelle's campaign staff and presented his rich resumé in the media and offered to bring that into bear in the campaign. One thing led to another and Owelle emerged governor after a keenly fought election. Chinedu Offor became one of the first appointees of the new governor. He was to grow through the ranks to become one of the most appointed officials of the past Rescue Mission administration. He served as a Special Adviser, Deputy Chief of staff and then as a Commissioner, before Owelle bankrolled his election into the House of Assembly, against all political odds. His candidacy for the House of Assembly seat in 2019 was a huge political liability that hampered the chances of the Action Alliance in Onuimo LGA. This is mostly as a result of his personal baggage and a longstanding understanding in Onuimo that upholds power sharing among the communities in the LGA, especially as it concerns the House of Assembly seat.

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It is unfortunate that Hon. Chinedu Offor either was blackmailed into been used as a pawn to settle some political scores or he willingly offered himself to be used for such hatchet job, as a way to remain politically relevant. One would not quarrel with the Onuimo lawmaker for taking a different route in his political vocation, but it is dishonorable for him to believe that he can only do that by breaking the laws of the land.

Someone had suggested that Chinedu Offor may be under serious financial strains, hence, his desperation in the last days of his legislative outing. Some of his colleagues are said to have lodged a criminal report against him, accusing him of stealing their salaries within these few days he impersonated as the Speaker of the House.


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