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Any leader who is prone to deceptions will hardly make a good leader. It would be understandable if a leader chooses to take to drama during campaigns, but as soon as such a leader emerges, he must focus on implementing ideas that benefit the people and solve problems that directly affect them.

However, if a leader wants to take some actions for positive image bolstering, he must have to consult properly educated and well trained image makers in order to do something that is believable and respectable.

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A recent picture of Imo State governor been frisked at the airport is a tasteless drama and whoever advised our governor to play the role is a dangerous or tactless adviser. I am almost sure, Chibuike Onyeukwu, the governor's CPS wouldn't have advised that, unless he has been caught by the juju of the Isiebu man. That picture is a tasteless comedy, and if it has any taste at all, it is the taste that presents our governor as either deceptive or deficient of knowledge about the privileges, obligations and expectations of his office. Let me outline my personal analysis of the picture:

  1. Such frisking is especially for untrustworthy characters. Even without being a governor of a State, some people have earned the confidence of airport staff so much that they can be trusted not to come on board with dangerous weapons. For the airport staff to have insisted on searching our governor means that they believe he is capable of doing something dangerous even as governor.

  2. It is possible the airport staff mistook my governor for one ordinary citizen like that who may be bearing dangerous weapons. This shows that my governor is highly unpopular, even in his own place. The airport where this frisking took place is a few meters away from my governor's house in Mbutu.

  3. My governor may have a bad record with the airport authorities, hence, they gave a standing instruction that even as a governor with immunity, he should be properly searched whenever he uses the airport.

  4. Is it possible that my governor is being suspected of involvement in the fire that nearly razed down the airport few months ago, hence they insisted on searching him to ensure he is not bearing some explosives?

  5. My governor failed to understand that as governor he should present a positive image of trust, confidence and courage. Presenting himself to be frisked by airport authorities like a suspect presents a sad image of not just him, but the entire State.

  6. If none of the above is true, then, it is almost certain that my governor has come to the realization that Imolites see him as too elitist, too aloof and too pompous, unlike his immediate predecessor. He put up that show at the airport as a ploy to make the people see him as humble. He forgot that humility is not something you tell people you have, people see it in you, themselves.

  7. If No 6 is not true, then either of Numbers 1 to 5 is true or are all true, and if my governor insists that none is true, then, I will begin to see my governor as a liar.

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