Okorocha: a bitter former governor at war with his conscience.


Ex Governor Rochas Okorocha is a man suffering from multiple complex disorders, very bitter of losing to have his son-in-law installed as his successor and scared of his own past and infamous reign of terror in Imo that the new state government may haunt him.

"A guilty conscience is an open wound only TRUTH can heal", and as a people, we will keep telling him the truths of the great carnage he caused in Imo until he is completely healed. Like a guilty mind, the former governor who plundered the state into great trepidation is afraid of his own shadows.

We can see it in many cases as his guilt manifests.

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This man is the only former governor of the state who set up a propaganda machine against his successor in office instead of handing over to him.

Almost everyday, hardly will it ever pass by without Okorocha's official media aide issuing out a condemning statement against the new governor and one wonders when will this defeated former governor will ever go in peace?

The traits shows of a grossly bitter man: either that Okorocha is condemning his successor about non existent issues or they are reprehending him on what they know nothing about.

By this time in 2011 when the new governor was sworn in, we never heard of his predecessor, Ex governor Ikedi Ohakim setting up any media office of propagandists haunting his successor.

Ohakim never went about the state to hire touts to destroy public properties just to hang it on the head of the new government to look bad.

We never heard of Ohakim accusing the new state government of sponsoring hoodlums to break into his residence after stagemanaging the said invasion with his own domestic staffs just to paint the new governor black.

But, suffering from multiple personality complex disorders - ex governor Rochas Okorocha has done all these including the daily media attacks from his media aides.

The latest is the former disgraced governor telling his successor of not starting works in earnest instead of setting up many committees.

As embrassing and unbecoming it has become of a former governor: he and his cohorts do not know that setting up of committees are one of the many ways that the governor delegates duties which is one of the essential characteristics of a serious leader who is keen on achieving results.

Okorocha has repeatedly claimed of leaving over 40 billion Naira for the new governor in different banks in the state - so how will the new governor know of this phantom funds of his if financial audit committee are not set up to verify and pinpoint facts out of fiction?

If the new governor did not set up an oversight committee to ascertain the true position of financial policies and implications of the state projects: how will the new governor know the level of project implementation to know which and which to continue with? So how will the new governor even know which is a state government project?

It is obvious that the many years of executive rascality of his reign as an executive emperor has finally damaged the sense of decency and of good governance of due process from the psychs of the ex governor and his apologists that they now see the right ways of public administration as taboos.

We can not blame them. For a people who have witnessed an 8yrs of lawlessness, lack of due process in governance and subversion of efficiency caused by an erratic and abysmal neglect of governing led down rules of public administration, so any attempt to correct the wrongs from the abnormally they have known for years will be seen as foreign to their eyes.

As a group: we are calling on the former governor to give a breathing space to the new governor and allow him carry out his constitutional duties as it is only the people of Imo state who gave him the mandates will have the right to judge him after four years of stewardship.

The former governor should rather be concerned at reconciliation with his conscience of open wound and the people of Imo whom he punished for 8yrs with malgovernance instead of busying himself daily with his successor to pick holes where they never existed any.

By Ambrose Nwaogwugwu, Publicity Secretary, Umunne Govano.


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