Amateur politician are sponsoring protest against Gov. Bello ~ Bashir Gegu



Engr Abubakar Bashir Gegu has accused some members of APC in Kogi State of been responsible for yesterday protest by Some APC Group in State.

Some All Progressive Party (APC) group, yesterday stage a protests, pleading with APC National chairman, and president Muhammad Buhari, to urge Gov. Bello to pay workers salaries, owed by his administration.

Responding to this protests, Bashir said the protest was sponsored by some "amateur politician", in the party who is desperately seeking to overrun Governor Bello second term bid.

He said, "Protesting against GYB second term is coming from amateur followers sponsored by amateur politician.

"In the past weeks, same people were on social media ranting that GYB was denied ticket by Oshiomole, when we told them ticket can only be earned they change to another pattern of campaign of calumny.

"GYB and GYBist can not be deterred or distracted by the unorganized, flattered, deteriorating and uninformed group who can not differentiate between a Process and system of democracy.

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"On the inauguration of PMB second term, fake news about a purported arrest of our energetic, resourceful and youthful chief of staff Edward Onoja filtered the political scene until we proved them wrong that our own Chief Edward Onoja was not in any second arrested anywhere in Nigeria.

"The camel back was broken this week when Chief Edward Onoja educated and informed the king of wailers on how government is being ran, he effectively analyzed what this government had offered and what the government will do in the next couple of months he elaborated all these in FM 94.1, because of their bias nature they were blind so therefore, they resulted in joining hands with Abuja politician to move a Zuma rock, the only white lion in the jungle.

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"The sound of thunder can never be as sweet as the sound of a drum (band). We are determined, focused, committed for the herculean task ahead, i know there will be light at end of the tunnel in sha Allah because HE that made GYB kogi state Governor is a living God.

According to Dino Melaye he said and i quote"

" Whoever fights GYB is fighting God"

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"Bashir Gegu Kogi LGA" tell those who did not want Yahaya Bello should spare their energy for 2023.

"I will advice those fighting GYB to spare their energy till 2023."


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  1. it sounds inane, and comprehensively ill-tempered for any human to support the wrong thing for their own selfishness, it is completely inadmissible Islamically, but Allah doesn’t sleep, time shall tell. Cuz I can’t for the sake of my selfish interest supporting whatever is retarding and aggravating the progress in my state

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