Lagos, Delta, Akwa Ibom, River, Top were alleged to be top in Domestic and Foreign Dept, Kogi exempted



According VTP Facebook page, Kogi State is free from internal and external dept, on the page, bello was comended for keeping Kogi free of dept.

But our investigation disclosed, that the information on the Facebook page might not be true, because as at December 2016, Kogi state dept is N51.05 Billion.

Confirmed the information by reading the attached screenshot at the end of this post.

Meanwhile VTP Facebook page post read,


From the data obtained from the debt management office on Sunday Kogi State was excluded from the list of indebted states in Nigeria. This was made possible due to the prudent financial management ability applied by the government of Bello in kogi state.
He was able to managed the state scare resources effectively to meet up with the numerous financial challenges that is facing the state. This quality of leadership exhibited by the government of Bello has save the state from huge debt burden and position her for a brighter future.

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With the current debt of N1.18tn, Lagos and three oil producing states – Delta, Rivers and Akwa Ibom – are the most indebted state governments in the country in terms of domestic debt.

Analysis of the subnational public debts has shown, the 36 states of the federation as well as the Federal Capital Territory Administration had a combined domestic debt of N3.85tn as of December 31, 2018, the data obtained from the Debt Management Office on Sunday revealed.

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This represents 23.15 per cent of the country’s domestic debt portfolio of N16. 63tn, leaving the Federal Government with N12.77tn representing 76.84 per cent of the domestic debt portfolio.

The Breakdown of the Debts According to State,

Lagos State has a domestic debt of N530.24bn. 13.76 per of the total domestic debt with a foreign debt of $1.43bn held 33.81 per cent of the country’s foreign subnational debt portfolio.

Delta State, has a domestic debt of N228.81bn 5.94% of the country’s subnational domestic debt portfolio.

Rivers State, has a domestic debt of N225.59bn, 5.85% of the country’s subnational domestic debt.

Akwa Ibom State, has a domestic debt of N198.66bn. 5.16% of the nation’s subnational domestic debt portfolio.

River, has a domestic debt of N167.96bn
FCT Administration, N164.25bn;
Osun, N148.1bn.
Bayelsa, N130.04bn
Ekiti, N118.01bn
Kano, N117.08bn
Plateau, N100.37bn
Imo , N98.78bn
Ogun, N98.72bn
Benue, N 97.35bn
Oyo, N91.52bn.
Yobe State N27.77bn
Katsina, N30.85bn
Jigawa, N35.16bn
Anambra, N33.49bn
Niger, N41.83bn
Ondo, N49.12bn.

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Lagos, State $1.43b
Edo State, $276.25m
Kaduna State, $227.25m
Cross River State, $188.77m
Bauchi, $133.93m
Enugu, $126.18m
Anambra, 107.04m
Ekiti, $106.21m
Oyo, $105m;
Ogun, $103.26m
Osun, $99.08m
Abia 98.58m
Adamawa, $97.79m."

Meanwhile, Screenshot from showing the List of dept own by each state in Nigeria as at December 2016.


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