Dennis Stephen called on all Biafran who are still sleeping to wakeup


Igbo's who is against Biafra actualization has been urged to wake up from their sleep.

Dennis Stephen who react to sit at home order, that was observed 30th of May last month, command the entire East to adhere to the orders, saying, Nnamdi KANU is a Godsend to come and actualize Biafra Nations.

He statement read;

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Oh! What a world(wickedness), haba!! What a country(n9ja).. chai!!! What a people(animalistic)..

A country that feast and dine on the flesh and blood of over 3.6million BIAFRANS...... All because they refuse to bow to Human Injustice, Economy Assassination, Political Bigotries, Power Drunkingness, Born to rule nature, marginalization and a whole of other human incompetent.

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Open your eye all you Biafran who are still blinded by the evil exhibited by hausa-fulani monstrous men and the cowardice elements of some Yoruba men who continually adopt the betrayal character or the middle man no matter the situation.

Today I celebrate the most bravest, strongest and never dying will of my BIAFRA BROTHERS..30th May Sit At Home

Today I celebrate a New Dawn of the after Mass... Today is a new beginning of the Informidable BIAFRA SPIRIT.

All you who think BIAFRA is a dead agenda should know this today that the spirit of all those who died so that we can stay alive to celebrate this day will definitely see BIAFRA NATION to freedom.

I am so convince like never before that truly there can be a hero who can restore our pass glory and set things straight in an atmosphere of impending death.

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I have seen the lion of Judah come to rescue his own(Biafrans)from the hands of the evil of men.... His name is HRH Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
He has proven to the world that what beat within his breast is BIAFRA

I Accord him this massive titles.. A god among men..The prince of the rising sun..The lion of the tribe of Judah..A spirit human that walk through tick fire and never get burnt.

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Let all who is still at sleep wake up for the savior of BIAFRAN NATION has come to take us home...All lovers of BIAFRA should keep these day holy in memory of our beloved biafra Brothers who died...30th May Sit-at home remains sacrosanct in our 💓

God bless MNK, God bless Mazi EMMA POWERFUL... God bless IPOB... God bless BSMS.... God bless General Mazi Ezechukwu Festus.

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