adults in Regina life are heartless for allowing her married old man enough to be her Father - Uloma Doreen Egesi Abam.


I didn’t really want to write about this news of Actress Regina Daniels‘ alleged marriage to a 59 year old Billionaire, but I can’t help myself after watching their latest drama online. I have a few things to say, I will first offer my congratulations to her and her family, (if they’re all in this for the right reasons and for love).

As a mother, (my daughter is about the same age as her, or even older), I can’t help but wonder what this little girl will have in common with a man, who is old enough to be dad, and indeed older than her own mother, with many wives, children, very different life ‘s experiences and exposure? Without being judgmental, this has “wrong” written all over it.

I don’t want to insult anyone, but the adults in this child’s life are heartless. Why would any parent completely go to bed and sleep well at night, knowing that their child May never know freedom? Marriage is hard enough, when all things are equal, can you imagine her life in that man’s bed? Hope she is the last wife for him.

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I know many are going to say, it’s her choice , but please let us all put our own family member in that girl’s position. This is why I feel our minds are so twisted as human beings. Can it be that this man can’t find sympathy in his heart to know that what he is doing is wrong? To me he is taking advantage of her. Her situation remains me of late Anna Nicole and her late billionaire husband. We all remember how ugly their battle got in the court room. Today, after all the drama. She is dead leaving the money behind. Big life’s lesson.

I hear Regina recently gifted her mother a house, she acquired cars , luxury vacations, expensive jewelries, better connections etc, but what will her life look like in 15 yrs when she will be in her 30s and he will be heading to his 80s? Watching their rituals online yesterday. That girl looked to me as confused as a goat for sale during Christmas season.

Again, I don’t want insult them, but I ask, would they all be happy and dancing if the man is making minimum wage and not a billionaire? Would her mother be happy to finish their drink according to one of the clips I saw? Please somebody should assure me that these are not real, otherwise forgive me to say that, this is injustice and everyone involved in this drama need to pray for forgiveness. This little girl still has a whole bright future ahead of her, without this, she should be concentrating on her education, and finding self worth. Not selling her happiness for money. Jesssss, greed... the love of money indeed.

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Let me come and be going my people. I see a good script from this. Ndewo umunne, ndi oma.
- Uloma Doreen Egesi Abam.

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