FAKE LIFE: The Story Of A Blogger, Pictures, And A House That Is Not Her Own


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This right here in handcuffs is Blessing Okoro, slay queen, relationship blogger & owner of the platform Make Or Break, telling everyone that the house she has been claiming for over a week is infact, not hers. Apparently she confessed to posting pictures of another man’s house, and still refused to retract her words after she was caught.

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A few days before her birthday, Blessing posted a picture in front of a beautiful house with a motivational caption, claiming it was hers for her 30th birthday. She was congratulated all across Instagram by stans and others alike. Friends of the actual owner however saw it, told the owner, a China based Igbo businessman, via whatsapp call about it but he didn’t take it to heart, saying “she is probably calling good things into her life”. The owner’s friend then uploaded the video, just to clarify & make it clear who owns the property.

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Blessing, seeing that true owner’s video had come out, came online again, still claiming the building to be her own. This time she brought out blueprint and documents, flipping pages & talking incessantly about ‘her house’. The owner, obviously unamused this time, came home all the way from China, went to his property, made a video alongside his mother inside, to clarify that the house belonged to him & not #BlessingOkoro. He invited her over, told her to clarify to the public that the property did not belong to her, and asked her not to post pictures of his house again.

Blessing instead took a change of clothes, went to the same compound, first made a video in front from fence to gate saying this one is his own, then she made a video of only the gate saying this is hers, but she wouldn’t upload more or hers for security reasons, this way making her readers feel like they both owned different properties & the man was just making noise over nothing. Blessing then went into the compound, changed her clothes, dressed down and took yet another picture in front of the house, this time looking like she just woke up and was visiting the compound. At this time, the real owner had taken enough.

He contacted the police, had her dragged to the property and made her confess the truth on video. Apparently the person who had been posting a house picture on IG, slaying, sending other young people into depression for not measuring up had nothing. She owned no house. It was all fake and she was on her knees confessing everything.

Onye Eze after making sure the video had gone viral, made moves to smooth the issue over once again, inviting her for a drink at his place. She has since been quiet, although she has been getting a lot of backlash and reaction for her actions.

We hope she and those like her learn this time and stop with the false posts and fake life. Who knows how many her posts would have influenced to desperation in the search for money and that type of life?

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