Gov. Yahaya Bello’s second term in office is not negotiable


I watched some people introducing none patriotism into what ordinarily should unite us as a people. As a pride Anebira we cannot afford to toy with the second term of his Excellency Alhaji Yahaya ADOZA Bello. Yes people will always have one complaint or the other but I make bold to state that those problems are their before the coming of his Excellency Alhaji Yahaya ADOZA Bello. I served as a special adviser under The two former Governors of the state. Under Alhaji Ibrahim Idris things were better not because Alhaji Ibrahim Idris was prudent.,because the resources accrued to the state then was good enough. Alhaji Ibrahim Idris did not invest to guarantee future sustainability of the state contrary to what he inherited from his predecessor. Lokoja township roads were awarded yearly to his son to siphon the state resources. The glorified lugard house had no water and water tanker supply the government house every morning. The prestigious glass house was like a pigeon hole while roads contract across the state were awarded purposefully to cater away state resources. He enjoy all these privileges uninterrupted for nine(9)years. Alhaji Idris Wada took over to continue the looting syndrome and every month he travels for medical treatment to hide his share of the looting uninterrupted. Practically no tangible project to show for his 4yrs in office .Percentage salaries and non payment to contractors were the order of the day. Under Idris Wada lugard house was turn to mere local government secretariat. The administation groan in debt and unpaid salaries due to over bloated wage bills across the MDA’s and local councils. The administration recorded an unprecedented failure and was then easy for the change mantra of president Muhammadu Buhari to catch up on the government .The coming of Alhaji Yahaya ADOZA Bello was to give a new face to the battered state in an economy that was facing serious perilous.

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By Ebira conscience

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