Guber Tussle: Tinubu, Osun APC Strategy Meeting Busted



•Help us Reach out to Supreme Court-Osun APC Tasks Tinubu
•I have Sorted Supreme Court on Osun-Tinubu Responded
•How the Meeting Leaked to Arewa Caucus
•We are fully Monitoring Osun Case-NJC

The National Leader of the All Progressive Congress, Bola Tinubu last Thursday played host to key leaders of Osun APC who had called on him to intervene on the Osun guber case coming up at the Supreme Court. The meeting was held at Tinubu’s Abuja residence. Sources at the meeting disclosed that the APC delegation was worried about the appeal at the supreme Court for several reasons.

The delegation told their leader that the judgement of the appeal court contained loopholes which even APC lawyers have identified.
They are also worried that the Supreme Court unlike the Appeal court has many judges known for upholding facts and equity of a case as they have demonstrated in many cases.

“We came here to seek your urgent help. Don’t let national issues distract you. We need you to help us to influence the Supreme Court as you did for us at the Appeal Court”,another APC leader was quoted as desperately begging at the meeting. Responding according to the transcript of the meeting obtained by our correspondent ,Tinubu boasted that he has done the needful and that the Supreme Court has been pocketed.

Asiwaju reminded them of how highly privileged and wealthy he is, reminding them of the fact that there is no one richer than him in Nigerian Politics. He reiterated his earlier statements that he is richer than Osun state and even Buhari does not have access to the kind of money that he has. ” No one can stop me in Nigeria, whatever I want I get”,he told the delegation. He asked them jokingly, “Why do you think I have relocated to Abuja for this period? Do you know how we got our Appeal Court victory? Do you know what I did?.Please stop worrying your head. We are in charge. He went further to assure them that he knows how to deal with the Adelekes who he said are mere political rats with limited resources compared to him.

“Who are they, how much do they have, who can they control in this country?” “We are fighting them with all the powers that we have.
We will crush them and that Adeleke name will soon be consigned to the abyss of political history. He said emphatically that he has sent out his emissaries to our people at the Supreme Court and I have given them a blank cheque, Whatever it takes, whatever the costs, I am ready, willing and able to pay.
“This is not about any facts of any case, any legality or matter of law, this is about power and we know how to use power”,he told the meeting assuredly.

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How the Meeting Leaked to Arewa

Caucus Checks however showed that no sooner had the meeting closed that anti-Tinubu forces within the federal establishment got the transcript and circulated it to President’s men and insiders. It was learnt that the cabal fumed over what they see as desperate power grab on the part of Tinubu ,vowing to stop his agenda no matter what it takes. The cabal reportedly vowed to punish Tinubu for his consistent insult on President Buhari and for his jumping the gun through declaration for 2023 presidency when Buhari is yet to commence his second term.

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We are fully Monitoring Osun Case-NJC

Meanwhile,the Tinubu’s boast of pocketing the Supreme Court is creating anger and ripples at the Supreme Court. A top official of the National Judicial Council who confirmed receipt of transcript of the meeting said “Nobody has, can pocket my lords Supreme Court judges. Whoever said that must be high on something.

“We are monitoring Osun guber case closely and I can assure you my lord justices are men and women of high moral and legal standing.Anybody saying anything else will get the shocker of his life at the appropriate time”,the official said. It would be recalled that the acting Chief Justice ,Tanko Muhammed had earlier issued stern warning against corrupt conduct among judicial officers handling election petitions.

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“You have just taken an oath that has not only imposed a course of upright morale undertaking on you but equally looped you with destiny. Your participation in these tribunals at this crucial phase of the Nigerian judiciary is not by accident but a clear design of the Almighty Allah.

“This is an enormous national assignment that will literally put the contents of your conscience to test. I am convinced that this is not the first oath you have taken as Judicial Officers, and certainly won’t be your last, especially as you ascend the ladder of your career. “No amount of homily can convey the enormity of this task. But suffice it to say that you are already initiating an interaction with history.

Whatever action or inaction you exhibit will serve as your testament in the annals of the Nigerian judiciary. “As judicial officers, you may have, one way or the other, trodden this somewhat dreaded terrain, but you must, against all odds, rise above the murky waters of failure and infamy.


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