We have 4,500 spaces and we produce about 4,000 house doctors every year ~ Minister of Health say



Minister of health has said that Nigeria has more housing for residents doctor than the numbers of doctors produced per years

Prof. Isaac Adewole, point out that medical students who must proceed on housemanship as part of their training should not have any problem with placement.

The minister said this at the Senate Plenary on Tuesday before the Committee of the Whole as he was summoned to explain the reasons for the poor state of healthcare infrastructure all over the country.

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Senators had taken turns to ask the minister questions about the matter, and he had volunteered his answers.

One of such questions was raised by Senator Sam Egwu (PDP-Ebonyi North), who had asked the minister, “The area that worries me is that of the medical students who graduate from medical schools and have nowhere to do their houseman-ship. How do we make sure our medical students always get where to practice?”

Adewole replied, “We recognise the housemanship problem. The lifespan of the provisional license is two years. If after two years they do not get placement it will lapse. That is why we started central placement.

“We have 4,500 spaces and we produce about 4,000 house doctors every year. I’ve made a plea that if anyone of them has a problem with placement, they should contact us with the provision that they are not asking for placement in Lagos or Abuja.”

Meanwhile, Prof. Adewole has condemned what he described as the “uncontrolled manner” in which state governments have been erecting heath facilities in their respective domains.

“With respect to uncompleted buildings, the challenge we have is the uncontrolled manner in which we are putting up health institutions. People will wake up, start a building and call it a health facility.

“If we are not brought into it and you complete it, it will not work. Health institutions are not easy to manage; that is why the states are finding it difficult.

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