Oshomhole do not mean well for edo people if not why must he disturb Obaseki


For Oshomhole, it so painful when you see people who came from a very poor back ground to become heartless.

Oshomhole do not mean well for Edo people if not why must he disturb Obaseki? he should be happy that he brought Obaseki and he is doing well developing the state . people keep calling baba God name to give Edo state good leader and I keep telling them baba God is not a politician and he has no hand in deciding who wins or not it depends on the people to decide and he will bless who they choose now Edo state has decided and have chosen Obaseki and baba God has bless him with wisdom so what else do Edo people need? . is because the man is not sharing money meant to develop the state to people to eat?. I don't get it its high time youth should learn how to fool all this Old, men and evil, men who has no genuine interest of the Edo people at heart. who are just after their own selfish interest. Oshomhole is already rich is not a tailor any more so why not let Obaseki help Edo people to develop Edo state. You should be happy Obaseki is doing what you could not do. If Nigeria system is really active and leaders are been arrested for doing wrong Obaseki should have arrest Oshomhole for the nonsense Oshomohle did in central hospital building millions was waste. I urge all Edo youth not to listen to anyone who do not have Edo state development at heart. Obaseki should be fully supported by all Edo state people if Obaseki can do all this that he is doing now in another 4 years he will do more better development

By Bman Gawe

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