Woman Health Remedy, Bring back your stop mensural Flow and Clear that vaginal and womb infection.


For trying to conceive ladies once Ovulation started stop taking this drink immediately
If your period does not flow well(scanty)
Or you did abortion and since then you have issues of infections,scanty flow or your period stopped when you have not gotten to menopause age
Or you have any infection of the vaginal,womb
Don't worry
Get these and take it
Thank me later

👉Cloves- this is zobo pepper for making zobo drink

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Note; you can get all from those selling zobo drink spices.

Peel off dried skin,cut all and put in a clean container
Add clean water and keep for 2-3days.
After that take a glass of it in the morning 30min before eating and before sleeping at night.
All traces of infection will disappear totally

You can repeat by adding water again and leave for 2days continue the precedure
Remember health is wealth

Credit: free Health services

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