Don't date a Girl that is bigger than your dreams!!!!!


Guys please Listen

Don't crush on a girl that is bigger than your dream! Look before you crush and please toast economically.
Some Ladies are Slay Queens in Clothes of Girl Friend. There demands sometimes can send a man to village.
Believe it or Leave it. That's the Pure truth.

I call them DREAM KILLERS because they can destroy your dreams totally.

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Any Lady that Knows your Salary is 30k and demands 20k from you monthly is bigger than your dreams,
In fact any lady that demands more than 10% Of Your monthly income every month is bigger than your dreams.

I know some won't believe it but I have seen them.

Any Lady that Always talks about where and how to spend money without talking about how to get that money is bigger than your dreams.

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Any Lady that Don't help you save for your future or plan for your future is bigger than your dreams Beware.

The worst part of it is that when you don't have much again,they don't mind dating your close friends as long as he has the Money.
That is why they are dangerous.

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There are many humble and good girls out there that meet your dreams.
Don't start what you cannot finish.

Ladies sometimes can be unpredictable, so you have to be careful .

Have A Wonderful day.

By Paul Sunday

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