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Anyebe Isreal said, "As convincing as you may sound, the then Jonathan led administration never disproved him. However you wish to paint him(Sanusi), his 'sin', irrespective of the administration, is his dispassionate stance on our country-Nigeria. He spoke the same truth to the same APC govt.-which is of course the reason for the present persecution! But as it is expected, those who speak the truth are hated the most. Take it or leave it, SLS kind is hard to find in our clime".

Isreal Ndarakaidioke said, "Have we forgotten so fast, how Sanusi as CBN governor witch hunted Erastus Akingbola/Intercontinetal bank and Cecilia Ibru/Oceanic bank and sold Intercontinental for a token to Access and Oceanic to Ecobank as a revenge to the duos offence to him in the past. He ended up sending many out of jobs, crashed the stock market etc etc by his show of force. Nemesis is always there".

Chinyere Ogadinma said, "I warned him but he didn't listen.instead of him to support the northern elite to be killing poor people so the IDPs will continue to exist and more will be displaced for the financial benefits of their elite,he was busy telling the government to tackle poverty so crime will reduce.he had been given part of the poison he has been given other to drink so him too will drink.what a wonderful God".

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Simon O. Elegiuwu, said, "The fights are between two groups here but a lot or majority of Nigerian don't know including some even from Kano state. The group of pre-fulani jihad and Fulani jihad . They were king in Rano before 1804 it was the coming of Fulani dynasty that removed or abolished that ancient system and those were the indigenous people the real Hausa kingdom. Rano used to be one among seven Hausa states but their independence were taken after the coming of fulanis however creating emirate now is like giving back to them what was taken from them 215 years ago. It is a long and interesting history but Governor Ganduje must be very careful because those that will fight him now are not only from Kano state alone . Governor Ganduje challengers now comes from all the emirates in northern Nigeria and their sympathisers because their fears now will be some governors may follow the footsteps of Ganduje. Interesting events will be unfolding in the near future because events make history".

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