We are not one Nigeria, everything have to with military is base in the north, man tell Nasir El-Rufai, another man, El-Rufai is wicked


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It appear that many Nigerians are happy with way everything have to with military is situated in Kaduna northern part of Nigerians.

A man named Dickson Austine blast Kaduna State Governor, as he Commission Nigerian Navy School of Armament Technology at Kachia Kaduna State Today.

According to Dickson who is not happy with the development said everything that have to do with military and defence is base in the north, and at the end they will be saying we are one Nigeria, he said we not one Nigeria.

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Base on austine analysis, 60% of armed force personnel are from the north.

Dikason Austine said, "Everything having to do with the military and defense of this country is based in the North. I hail oh...
In the end, you'll say we are one. We can never be one in this country. Over 60% of armed forces personnel are from the North. Shame on you!"

Another man named Haruna Elbinawi who is also not happy with Governor called him a wicked man, he accused the Governor of killing Shia Children by burning them alive.

While Haruna said, "This wicked mass murderer and notorious Child-killer @elrufai buried Shia children alive in Mando mass grave according to the comprehensive report of the London-based @AmnestyNigeria on #ZariaGenocide.

@IntlCrimCourt @UNHumanRights".

Confirming the report, see the screen short of the tweet reply bellow.

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