some 18 dead Nollywood actors and how they died, Nigerians will ever miss


  1. Sam Loco Efe - Died of Acute Severe Asthma aged 61.

  1. Justis Esiri - Died from complications of diabetes aged 70.

  1. Amaka Igwe - Died from Acute Severe Asthma aged 51.

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  1. Pete Eneh - Died from complications of diabetes and lower leg amputation aged 68. He had no money to look after himself.

  1. Enebeli Elebuwa - Died from poorly controlled hypertension which led to a stroke aged 66.

  1. Ashley Nwosu – This actor died of a liver problem in 2011 at the age of 57. He died because he could not afford the money for his treatment.

  1. Jennifer Okere-Ossai reportedly died of the emotional and psychological trauma she suffered from her husband Emeka Ossai and her in-laws due to her delay in child bearing. She died at the age of 28.

  1. Clems Onyeka – Clem was killed during a crossfire between Nigerian Police and Armed robbers in Asaba Delta state. He died at the age of 37.
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  1. Francis Agu – Francis who was one of the pioneers of Nollywood died in 2007. He died at the age of 41 after a protracted unknown illness.

  1. Muna Obiekwe – This handsome actor died of Kidney failure. He died in January 2015, at the age of 36. He had no money to maintain his dialysis.

  1. Geraldine Ekeocha – This Nollywood Mom died during a fibroid Operation. She died in 2011 at the age of 56. I don't know why a doctor should be operating on a fibroid in a 56 year old woman with 7 children. Does he/she not know that fibroids shrink and die out as a woman gets into her menopause?

  1. Peter Bunor - Died at the age of 60 from a stroke due to poorly controlled hypertension. He had no money to look after himself. Shortly before his death, he cursed his fellow actors for abandoning him during his illness.

  1. Tom West - Died at the age of 35 from a car accident. J.T Tom West is a legendary Nollywood actor who died mysteriously in a car accident on 28th September 2006 in Lagos Nigeria on his way back home from a movie location. His dead was mysterious and tragic.

  1. David Ihesie – This Nollywood actor died in 2012 at the age of 73. The actor died after a brief illness.
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  1. Dede One Day - Died at the age of 40 from complications of poorly controlled hypertension.

  1. Mike Odinachi – This actor died at the age of 51 from complications of diabetes at the Ikorodu hospital, Lagos.

  1. Festus Aguebor – Died a few days after Mike Odinachi. The cause of his death was not revealed. He is believed to be in his 70’s.

  1. Okwy Chukwujekwu - Died at 27 years old from acute severe asthma.

Dr Maduka Chinemelum Ogwueleka wrote:

As you can observe, the average life span of an average Nigerian is short. Most of them died from easily preventable and treatable diseases. Many also died due to poverty and inability to access and afford good healthcare. This is why most advanced countries have free healthcare for their citizens. Nigeria with all her oil wealth cannot look after her citizens.

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Even poor Cuba offers free healthcare for all Cubans.

Some of these actors died from car accidents due to bad roads. Deaths from car accidents are extremely low in advanced nations.

These were actors oh. Imagine then what poor people are going through in that hell.

Niger-Area! What a useless country!!!

God go punish anyone that supports evil 'one' Nigeria.

~ Dr Maduka Chinemelum Ogwueleka

Rest in Peace Naija Actor and actress

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