don’t go into a physical fight with an armed security officer, Nigeria police warn Nigerians


Oftentimes, you hear people say things like ‘shoot me, if you can!” Note that this is a recipe for disaster! It is very provocative and an unnecessary call for war. So, please play safe, more so, as you do not know the state of mind of the officer concerned.

  1. Also, don’t go into a physical fight with an armed security officer. He may resort to the use of his weapon (rightly or wrongly) to defend himself.
  2. Avoid unnecessary argument with armed security personnel.

There are a thousand and one ways to seek redress where you feel your rights have been infringed upon.
3. Never try to touch an officer in an unfriendly manner. He may suspect you of trying to disarm him
4. If you are a regular traveler or road user, make sure you have the police emergency phone numbers of the route you operate. You never can tell when an emergency situation could arise and you need the Police to come to your aid.

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  1. Make sure you have all your relevant car papers and desist from actions or inactions that constitute either a criminal or traffic offence.
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Such infractions of the law provide veritable grounds for possible charges and other forms of adversarial contact with the Police or other law enforcement agencies, including unnecessary arguments.

6 Give the impression that you are unhappy to see an officer on his beat or that he is wasting your time. But if you do have an emergency, politely inform the officer. Don’t speed off while still being checked.

  1. Take note of the name tags, Force or Service numbers, personal description, description of weapons or patrol vehicle of the security officer especially where the officers begin to conduct themselves in unprofessional manner.

  2. Seek audience with the most senior police officer at the check point if things are not working out smoothly.

  3. Politely insist to be taken to the police station if your complaint is not properly addressed.
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