day you run out of luck the slay queen could equally get slayed


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You can't step on a hot coal and still be expecting your foot not to get burnt. It's obvious We are in perilous times and the days are getting more evil by the day....the evil hatching in men's heart are now on the increase yet many will not care to listen, you kept slaying men's pocket all in the name of a slay queen, and you think that you were being invincible by playing smart not knowing you are only gambling with luck.... forgeting that the day you run out of luck the slay queen could equally get slayed. Men are really making huge money in this end time just because the love for money which is the root of all evil is now on the increase, The Yahoo guys, G+ guys and G++... all the thanks goes to the slay queens and cooperate harlots whose insatiable wants can't be met, and whose insatiable quests can't be tamed, who always crave to reap where they did not sow. Are they really going to learn from this lady's painful ordeal? It's a big question, are they really going to find something to do rather than scrambling for rich guys whose source of wealth were unknown ? It's another question....NOTE: A fight against nature is a fight against one's self, Every woman was not created to marry a rich man so...stop sending your selves to an early grave because of your desire to marry a rich man, if it's not your destiny it's not your destiny and there's nothing you can do to amend nature. He who has ear let him hear.

Promise U osigie

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