judicialwatch..... help us to sign the petition.... the urhobo betrayal, chief o'tega emerhor must leave delta apc and also urhobo must saction him.


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By Siloko Ogbuyen

APC Delta Mainstream Group, The APC Cultism Faction Group Led By Chief O'tega, Are All Unfaithful To APC Party. They are mob of traitors. Always Ready To Tell Lies And Destroy The Party. Using dishonesty instead of truth to Deceive The Party At The National Level. They are all operating under fake identity.

judicialwatch..... help us to sign the petition.... the urhobo betrayal, chief o'tega emerhor must leave delta apc and also urhobo must saction him.
put no trust in mortal men what are they worth! your best friends as you thought may be your worst enemies.

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This is what they said in their heart in this hands up obstruction collusion... 'We will make you weak; everyone will despise you.
Your pride has deceived you. Your political household is like a fortress of a solid rock; you build your political home this time around high in the mountain, and so you say to yourself, "who can ever pull me down?"
Even though you make your home as high as an eagle's nest, so that it seems to be among the stars, yet we will pull you down.'

My people... When thieves come at night, they take only what they want...
When people gather grapes, they always leave a few. But the mainstream cultism group obstruction collusion determined to wipe Great Ovedje Ogboru political ambition and APC Political patty out of Delta State completely.

Delta APC, your treasures have been looted. Your allies have deceived you, they are about to drive you from your party.
People who are at peace with you have now conquered you. Those friends who ate with you have laid a trap for you, they say of you, 'where's all that cleverness he had?

Sign the petition now... The Anioma Agenda Collusion Urhobo man betraying Urhobo Agenda 2019, scallawag chief notorious famous O'tega Emerhor.... Must face the following punishment:

Because you robbed and killed a lot of your brothers political career, the descendants of URHOBO Nation, you will be destroyed and also dishonoured for ever politically.
You stood aside on that day when enemies broke down their gates.
You were as bad as those strangers.
You should not have gloated over the misforturne of your brothers in Urhobo land.
You should not have laughed at them in their distress.
You should not have planned with others to gloat over your people suffering and to seize their riches on the day of their trouble. You did not only did this to Great Ovedje Ogboru but to Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, Frank Kokori and many others.
You should not have stood at the cross roads to catch those trying to escape from their predicament.
You should not have handed them over to the enemies on their day of trouble.

Now listen.... The days are here when all Urhobo people will judge you!...
What you have done will be done to you in triple times.
You will get back in triple what you have given.
Our people have drunk a bitter cup of punishment you caused. But you will drink a still more bitter cup of the punishment and vanish away.

If you are innocent of all these accusations.... May blessing be your portion in Urhobo land .... But if guilty of one, may your political career die forever. Amen.

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