If Edward denying assassination attempt on Austin, them why he arrested comrade on 20th February


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Just as the psalmist said in Psalm 31:14-15; “But I trusted in thee, O Lord: I said, Thou art my God. My times are in thy hand: deliver me from the hand of mine enemies, an from them that persecute me.” Indeed it is only God that is shielding his own people.

We live in a perilous and dangerous times in Kogi state but God’s protection from harms is a reassuring promise in the face of the dangers we face especially when the case of Austin Okai’s frequent molestations caused by Kogi State government comes to mind.

Mr. Okai is a man who abhors injustice in all ramifications. He is not harebrained politician, reflecting on how he emerged as the leader of PDP National Youth Frontier.

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I learnt Edward is denying that there was no assassination attempt. Why then was the comrade arrested on 20th February, exactly the same time Edward Onoja’s relative, who is also the secretary to Olamaboro local government, rushed to the media and informed the people of Kogi State that the people’s comrade ran away with Atiku campaign fund? Is Edward Onoja denying the facts that he directed his boys to push the story that Austin was abducted by unknown gun men and later denied openly on his Facebook account that the state government don’t have the knowledge of Austin Okai whereabouts whereas he has hands in the petition that the DSS used as an excuse to arrest and incarcerate Austin Okai? And a week later, a pseudo account being operated from Kogi State Government house by Maxwell posted a picture claiming that Austin Okai was killed along Keffi road?

Austin Okai and The APC Ticket

A smart politician will not just concentrate on his own party but will also be interested in who is on the other side. Kogi issue is far from it. After an hour meeting with Austin Okai I now realize that Kogi’s freedom agitation is far from political party.

The people are interested in Yahaya Bello’s exit and every resources have been deployed into both APC and PDP to unite against Bello as the worst affliction tormenting our people in Kogi State.

Edward Onoja is dumbfounded on how Austin Okai has been able to survive. The overnight billionaire is jittery over the standards of living of Austin Okai amidst moments where nobody could dare questions how he, Edward Onoja became a billionaire overnight. This is the same man that has pocketed Kogi State local government allocations and using if for his personal benefits.

Edward Onoja spews gibberish like one with diarrhea of the mouth now hiding inside ICDA whatsapp’ group talking nonsense. The Edward that I know is afraid of one person and that is any smart personality. Austin Okai is above those decamping for Toyota Camry or for your 500,000, 300,000 and 250,000.

The 50% of Bello’s problems today was caused by this very Edward Onoja who is now hiding in Igala Cultural Whatsapp group in the name of ICDA abusing every personality he considers a threat to his criminal and fraudulent government in Kogi State.

The loquacious and careless talker from Ogugu who is permanently high on cheap drugs has also hide under the cover of ICDA to abuse Admiral Usman Jibrin, Prof Seidu Mohammed Onailo, Late Prince Abubakar Audu, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris, AVM Atawordi and others. He is today on Austin Okai.

Austin was the State media and publicity director for the PDP presidential campaign council during the recent general elections. He is democrat to the core, an outstanding youth in the political circle with worth larger than ambitions of all of the neophytes in Bello-led government. His shoes are too large for the accidental politician Edward Onoja. He is a man whose humility knows no limit. His compassion descends all known boundaries.

His rising to eminence that has attracted accolades from all young and old politicians alike has become potent weapon as overwhelming source of sleepless nights to Governor Bello, his Chief of Staff, Mr Edward David Onoja; including all their political appointees who may be lacking the political credentials to measure up Comrade Austin Okai who has enjoyed the friendship and mentorship of former Military Administrator of Lagos state, General Buba Marwa.

His astronomical rise to political stardom has continued to be perceived as a direct threat to the failed government of GYB.

Okai is a powerful voice that never waned in recent times over what appeared to even the undiscerning minds as mismanagement of resources that has led to public hues and cries by our state’s civil servants all caused by the current political ruthless power spectrum and arrange meant in Kogi State.

The State government having discovered that Austin is one man who never allows worldly things overshadowed his logical thinking like those politicians whose price tag is between two and five hundred thousand naira and probably, without second thought, collected car gifts detailed thugs in Anyigba and Abocho to kill Okai in several ruthless assassination attempts.

While all the above failed, the frog eyed failed banker turned politician created and hid under a code name ‘Samuel Maxwell’ to publish an obituary of the people’s finest game changer, Austin Usman Okai along Keffi road. Having failed in all their sinister plots on all attempted killing of our tireless Comrad, they have yet again begun another seriously bizarre search of Austin’s means of livelihood. An exploit that is doomed to fail.

We have all resolved to inform authorities to hold Edward David Onoja accountable and responsible should anything happen to Austin Usman Okai. He was arrested on two occasions in different circumstances to be killed with the intent of causing mayhem in Kogi State.

The question we are yet to ask is; is Austin Okai the state’s capital project?

~Felix Omale Odekina writes from Dekina, Kogi State.

Source: Kogi Report

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