Yusuf Buhari Emerges As 4th Richest Child Of A Sitting President with a net worth of $2.3 Billion US dollars.



Forbes made list of the richest president’s/despot’s kids on the planet and Yusuf Buhari made it to number 4 with a net worth of $2.3bn US dollars.

Not bad when you consider that Yusuf’s father has only been President for 4years and that majority of the top ten rich kids have had the privilege of having their daddy’s in power for an average of 10yrs straight .

Yusuf also is the second richest African to make the billionaire thief club with daughter of Angolan president being the only other African to beat him to score 3rd on the list with a net worth of $10bn.

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The daughter of late Venezuelan socialist dictator, Hugo Chavez topped the list with a whooping net worth (or should we say loot) of $6bn to dust Yusuf .

— Forbes Magazine

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