James Muojeke warn Igbo's Of Going Back to Egypt, white man God


A man has called on Egbos who is thinking of going back to Egypt should rethink.

He advice then to remains in Nigeria the land Given to them by God

His full post read.

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BEWARE OF THE EGYPT YOU’RE GOING BACK TO: where are those our brothers and sisters that prefer to go back to Egypt instead of remaining in the promised land, please come let’s reason together, WHITE GOD, WHITE GOD, that is what they’re calling Jesus Christ, Hmmmm, Hold your ear now because later you will say nobody told you, you that have thrown away your bible and said it is better to go back to “ARUSI” because you think that church is a scam as they use to say, Now, how dare you call Our Lord Jesus Christ (Church) a scam?, because you think church is from the white men, what about education, is it a scam too?, was it not brought by the same white men, what about the cars 🚙 you’re driving, was it made by your forefathers?, what about all the modern things that makes life better for us today, are they not from the same white?, okay, those ones are not scam right?, it is only Jesus Christ they brought to you that is a scam, to make matter worst some of you still have gut to travelled outside the country by the help of those scammers and stay in the same country of same scammers while telling your brothers and sisters in Nigeria that Church (Jesus) is a scam, meanwhile you’re a beneficiary of what the scammers brought to Nigeria today, if you are serving that your deity (AGWU) with your forefathers today as it was in the olden days, tell me 🤔, do you think you will have the opportunity to be outside the country today?, do you think you will be exposed to be saying all those fallacy, Now listen attentively, it took many year for us to be where we’re today, all through the help of those you called scammers, the Egypt you’re about return today by revoking all the sleeping deities (ARUSI) which your own father rejected, to get Moeses that will deliver you out of that Egypt again will be very difficult why because, you saw, you heard, you even benefited and later chose to go back the old way, okwo ya?”, “Ukpana Okpoko buru bu nti onwu chiri ya”, People have not been able to clear most of atrocities committed by their forefathers and you people want to take yourself backwards, “Nwata ana akuru egwu usurugada Ona agba matakwa na usurugada bu egwu ndi mmuo”, Better be careful, because till end of the world Jesus Christ remains the way, the truth and the life, don’t be deceived, “maka na onye aghoriri ka agbaru” meanwhile beware of your comments here, ka Holy Ghost fire ghara imeru mmadu aru ebea oo, mind you that am not against the Our culture as pictured, that is if it is being done harmlessly but for you to throw away your own bible and go back to “ARUSI APIRI API” it is a scam! I rest my case.

~ James Muojeke

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