Yahaya Bello is the most disheartening, pitiful and disappointing in my entire political experince


KOGI DECIDE 2019 By Abdalah M. Sani

Performance speaks for you if you are blessed with authority. But when you err, you see yourself in panic, misadventure and paranoid at the end of your tenure especially in a bid to get a second term.

I think this is what governor Bello is suffering from at this crucial moment of his 2nd term bid. Most of what is happening among Nigerians tasting the corridor of power at a relatively younger age is because of lack of experience, display of immaturity, inadequate knowledge, lack of respect and loyalty to elders , naivety and inheritance of culture of corruption and impunity they were born into.

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The issue with Kogi State and Yahaya Bello is the most disheartening, pitiful and disappointing in my entire political experince. My principal late Rev. (Dr) Ajomo of blessed memory who was the most disciplinarian i have ever known used to say this when punishing us, "You like swimming in the mud but i want to raise you high" This is exactly what has happened to the government of new direction in Kogi State. God's favour was let loose in the mud.

How much do you need to show in performance in governance before the electorate? It is nothing but an all inclusive and dedicated governance answerable to the plight of the people. It is all that simple but 90% of the governors lack this simple ethics. Instead, they treat the people with disdain, overwhelm themselves with power, misdirect their missions to self serving, steal the resources and plunge the state into chaos and make people's life miserable.

Kogi State as a case study with the youngest governor brought to power by absolute will of God should have been the best to teach the younger generation good sense of governance and a yard stick to measure with when it comes to criticising the older generation the youths so much like to condemn at any available opportunity. But what we are seeing and witnessing is absolute misdirection, misplaced opportunity, rascality, show of opulence by opportunists, callousness, plunder of public funds and enslavement of the people. Kogi state engaged in multiple percentages of salary payments according to your closeness to the government while lots are allowed to die in penury without collecting what they laboured for. Few committed suicide. The new direction government of Bello brought woes, agony, injustice and calamity to many family. Verification of ghost workers was carried out in the FG by the able minister of finance Adeosun, but everything was prompt, direct and effective. That of Kogi state became a nightmare, shamble and some sort of scam that favoured some in the camp of the government.

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I personally interacted with civil some civil servants and pensioners, i was stunted with the type of stories i heard How do you give 30% labour rendered? How many government executives take 30% of their humongous pay? Not to talk of multiple kick backs and hidden allowances they collet? This is common among Nigerian governors. Why is this open criminality be allowed in Nigerian constitution? Why so much power to people who are mostly half baked? (Fayose in my mind) this is what they all enjoyed but Kogi state took their own to a level higher by intimidating workers not to speak out like in the stalin days of soviet union.

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Corruption and impunity is actually the epidemics that have eaten into the fabric of our nation. Some of these governors were not even in their teens when IBB reigned in his own era of corruption which he actually institutionalised and brought in Obasanjo to consolidate on it. Yara'adua of blessed memory was not of that culture but his life was short lived. The emperor from the south south that took over from him tend to surpass his two other predecessors. This the foundation most of the young governors took after as graduands of a corrupt system whose inventors are still alive .

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The issue with Kogi became very surprised and pathetic because the young governor is an acclaimed son of Mr integrity. The big question begging for answer is, what are the similarities you find between our PMB and GYB? To me, there is absolute NONE! I am a die hard Buharist but i can't put a piece down in favour of Kogi government for the wasted 3.5years in Lugard house.

I pray for Kogi to make the right choice and if the current governor GYB make it back, well so be it but he must change over a new leaf Nothing is permanent in politics. If Ortom of Benue who commissioned only wheel biro with multiple months salaries and pensions not paid, why not Bello? Let the party and electorates decide.

Credit: Abdalah M. Sani

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