People are mocking Regina Daniels.She got married to an older man


On the alleged marriage of Regina Daniels to Hon.Ned

People are mocking Regina Daniels.She got married to an older man when meanwhile they are mistresses to men who are older than Mr Ned.

Her own is even better,he married her but you are still doing hide and seek with another womans husband.

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Some of the men bashing her are they ones who will go abroad and carry one old, fat and ugly looking Akata and come back all because of green card and money.

Bloody hypocrites!!! Bitterness kill una there!! That’s where she found love if you say she married him for money, you nko that has been single nko haven’t you been having suitors?

Yes you have but you have been rejecting them because you are waiting for the one who can take care of you, so you too want to marry for money and comfort too.

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Older men are even more caring and romantic, how many young billionaires can buy their wives 3 exotic cars and a house in a space of 3 months. The truth is most of you all bashing her are not concerned that she got married to an older man,you all are just bitter than she is doing better than you and you are wondering what it is she has that you don’t have.

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Most of you all will grab this man with both hands if the table turns to your direction.

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